Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Look What I Finally Got - Lululemon Seawheeze Cool Racerback!

Omg!  I'm on cloud 9 right now!  Ever since this year's Lululemon Seawheeze, I've only wanted one thing from the race merchandise list - the Cool Racerback in retro stripe multi / angel wing (ok, maybe that's a lie because I also wanted the tri check angel wing/black/mountie stripe multi Track Attack Skirt, but I got that on ebay already!).  I've seen this particular cool racerback for outrageous amounts on ebay, and I refuse to pay that!  So, my patience finally paid off when Lululemon uploaded all the Seawheeze stuff to the Australian website a couple weeks ago and called it the "Run For The Sun" collection.  One of my sweet Aussie readers that I've sold stuff to before was able to get one for me and she even got it with her instructor discount!  Since it was the only thing I wanted, shipping was pretty cheap as well.  I was away in Seattle all weekend, so I just checked my mail today... and there it was!!  That took less than 2 weeks!  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

Of course I put it on right away, and it feels so nice!  This is the first luxtreme cool racerback I have.  It's super nice!  It does fit on the tighter side, but I still took my normal size - 4.  The luxtreme material feels buttery soft, and I love the colors in person as well.  So happy!!

It also looks pretty good with my new Inspire crops in deep zinfandel!  I'm wearing the Free To Be bra in very green under it:

The color looks way more vibrant in person than their web picture shows:

I like the placement of the colors on my tank too!  I seriously love everything about this tank and feel the deep urge to rip the tag off and wear it all the time!

Speaking of the tag, here it is!  It has AUD price on it... how cute!  lol

So even though this is the Seawheeze cool racerback, the logo is the normal Lululemon logo on it.  Not the one with a mermaid that you would get at the actual Seawheeze shop, which is the one my Track Attack skirt has.  It is no big deal to me.  Actually, if I went to Seawheeze, I'd want the items I got there to be more exclusive as well.  So that's totally fine with me.  I just really like the pattern of this tank, not only because of its exclusivity.

Look at this... she even included another sweet surprise in the package!  A cute koala Cadbury chocolate!  

Today could not have been a better mail day.  Thank you a million again to my sweet Aussie angel!!  :)

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