Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Funday

Wow this has been a fast week! Actually every week has been lately. I can't believe I'm getting married in a month!!! That is so crazy to think. I feel like when I see people nowadays, that is the only thing they ask me. It's always the same questions too... are you excited? Are you done with everything yet? Are you nervous? I'm so tired of talking about it! Hahaha... I just can't wait to do it and then go on my amazing honeymoon!

Oh yeah, I don't think I've written about my honeymoon yet since we JUST finalized it. But it's going to be 3 crazy weeks in central Europe!!! I'm soooo excited about it! We are flying into Prague, spending 4 nights there, then taking the train to Vienna and staying there for 2 nights. Then train to Budapest for another 4 nights. Then flying to Venice for 2 nights. From there we are actually meeting up with a tour thing to Croatia and Slovenia. I don't normally like tours, but it was a good deal and it's only 9 days. At least we will have 2/3 of the trip by ourselves.

For Prague and Budapest, we got these amazing looking 5 star hotels on Jetsetter, which has become my favorite site to book hotels.  I think they have really high standard for the hotels they choose, and I'm just a big fan of the Gilt Group in general, who owns Jetsetter.  They really take care of you and they have hooked me up many times.  For example, just recently I contacted them about my Butter Click pumps that I bought from them - during the first hour of the first use, I was standing around and all of a sudden the heel of the left shoe came off half way!!!  I was so annoyed because I had just got to work, and I really liked the look of the shoes and have been looking for a pair of patent nude pumps forever!  Lucky for me, I keep a stash of shoes at work so I wasn't left limping all day long.  Gilt immediately sent me a free return shipping label and offered to give me my money back.  Not like Ruelala where the damn "concierge" was lecturing me about how their "boutique" works!  They need to take a page out of Gilt's customer service book!

Anyway!  I totally digressed, but oh well.  Now let's rein it in and get to the workouts for this week!

Monday, 8/15
What I did:  The gauntlet for about 15 minutes then weight lifting.

What I wore:  Lululemon Swiftly tank in pink mist (I've been loving this light weight tank lately since it's been so hot!), with frutie tootie Scoop Neck Bra under.  I wore my bon bon/paradise Astro Crop, even though nobody could see the waistband.  It made me feel better to know that I had a coordinating outfit in different shades of pink.  Hahaha.

Tuesday, 8/16
What I did:  Ran a mile to warm up, then lots of interval sprints and then hill running.  I have realized that I really won't be training for my half marathon in November because I just won't really have time.  I know I can finish it without training, but I really wanted to train so I can get a good time.  But with the wedding coming up in September and honeymoon pretty much all of October, I really won't have that much time.  The last half of my half is all hills, so at least I can get some hills training in and hopefully won't die during that part.  There's these treadmills at 24 Hour that have 30 incline!  It's so crazy because even if you are walking at 2.5 mph, you are huffing and puffing after a minute.  I love it though, and think that I will be using that machine a lot.

What I wore:  Lululemon Run: Energy SL and Run Fast Short.

Wednesday, 8/17
What I did:  Weightlifting for about 45 minutes, then spin bike on my own for about 25 minutes.  I have not done a spin class in the longest time, so I felt I should get some on my own.

What I wore:  Lululemon Let It Loose Tank in pink mist, and Astro Wunder Under Crop.  I FINALLY got these back from the store after the THIRD time of hemming!!!  I couldn't believe that process, and it was all because they didn't want to hem off the damn logo!  Of course first time they stitched over the logo which looked horrible so I took them back.  Second time, instead of making them shorter or longer, the tailor actually hemmed around the logo in a semi-circle so the hem wasn't even straight.  Unbelievable.  Finally they told me this time they would make an exception and pin up the hem so the logo would be hemmed off, and they are good now.  It was such a painful process though because that was what I wanted in the first place.  But I was without my crops for a whole month.  Not impressed.

So actually the logo is now on the inside of the hem, not visible from outside, but not completely hemmed off I guess...

Thursday, 8/18 - Rest day.  Ehhh actually I went for a massive happy hour with coworkers.  I think it's safe to say everyone drank a little much and blew their diets.  Hahaha.  Though I stuck with my low-cal vodka & water drink, with a splash of cranberry.  But it's always nice when our portfolio managers decide to take everyone out for happy hour food and drinks, because well, it's free first of all.  And also a good time for morale building which is always good at work.

Friday, 8/19 - Rest day.  Hmmm actually went to happy hour again after work.  This time for someone's bday.  But I only had a glass of rose and went home.  I hate drinking my calories.

Saturday, 8/20 - Rest day again!  It wasn't supposed to be.  But I was so tired from staying up late all week, and my mom was in town and wanted to go eat instead.  So, we went to eat.  C'est la vie.

Sunday, 8/21
What I did:  Today I totally made up for my previous laziness.  Woke up at 7 am to go running with some friends.  I was doing my comfortable "go all day" pace which I thought was a 10 minute mile, but ended up being 9:20.  We ran about 5 miles.  I really felt like I could go on at that speed for a good while longer.  So it makes me feel a little better about the half marathon sans training.

After that, we got some food to eat and went to pilates.  This was such a tough pilates class and I knew it as soon as I saw the sub that I had once before who was super hard!  So I was shaking after 10 minutes, and now my hips and butt are already sore.  Tomorrow will not be fun!  But in a good way hehe.

What I wore:  Well, for running I wore my Nike Dry-Fit top that I've had for literally years and love but not sure why I don't wear it much.  It's soooo lightweight!  But I don't like the big square label thingy at the bottom.  And it does ride up.  I wore my Lululemon 50 Rep bra under, and Lululemon Run: Passion crop.  I cannot express how much I love my Passion crop, which is why I wear them all the time!  I so wish I had a third pair, because I'm deathly afraid that both of the pairs I own will come apart from being used too much.  I have not met a pair of crops that were this great and flattering at the same time.  

During the first half of my run, it was a bit chilly so I wore my Lululemon pink mist Mind Over Matter pullover over it.  I love the pocket to hold my phone, but it got too hot at about 8:30 am so I had to take it off and carry it.  I hate carrying anything on me while running, not even keys!  But I had to put up with that or die of heat exhaustion.

And then, of course I changed for pilates!  I wore my Lululemon Hot Class tank and Groove pants - not too sure why I wore groove pants as it was very hot. 

Ok so that's it for this week!  Lots of pink mist and I didn't even realize it before I saw all the photos!  

We'll see how sore I get tomorrow!  Hehe.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  =)


  1. Love Sunday Funday :) You're making me *really* want some new Pink Mist running outfits though!! I'm kicking myself a bit for passing on the MOM pullover!!

  2. I was JUST about to say the same thing! LOVE that pullover on you :) I want one!!

  3. I'm glad your astro wunders are finally fixed! I bought another pair the other week in black and the tailor stuck a new logo right over the seam again. I am so not impressed. I've decided to leave it since I don't want them any shorter but I don't understand why she couldn't have just stuck the logo up another inch or so. Grrr. I have not been happy with Lulu's hemming attempts of late!

    You on the other hand are looking fab as always. I really like that hot class tank on you!

  4. Aww thanks guys! I love that pullover and the color! I should have got a few more things in it! Hahaha

    @Running in Lulu: ugh that sucks! I don't understand these tailors they use. Sometimes they don't even read the instructions left on the tag. Sigh... what can you do! I do kind of want another pair of Astro Wunder Unders though! Just love the waistband on them!

  5. Do the solid WUs get transparent on extreme stretch? I have the one is camo print and it is not very reliable for yoga - it gets a little transparent. But my Groove crops dont - so wondering about regular WU.


  6. Hi Ritz,
    I don't think the solid WUs are transparent when bent over. I think the camo print is a different fabric that is more sheer - more polyester? I know I tried on the camo print cool racerback and really didn't like the material, though I loved the print. I have not felt the camo WUs in person though. The regular WUs are the same luon material as groove crops so you will probably be fine with those.


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