Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Caruso 30 Molecular Ion Steam Hairsetter

I've been looking at hot rollers to try out.  I curl my hair sometimes but really would like to do it more often if not for the damaging heat.  The ends of my hair can get so dry from the curling iron that I will start getting split ends if I do it too often.  I finally was able to grow my hair out enough to cut off all the split ends and I don't want them to ever come back!!  So I have heard that hot rollers are much more gentle on the hair, and have been wanting to try them out!  I was looking around on Folica, and saw the Caruso Molecular Ion Steam Hairsetter that comes with 30 rollers of various sizes.  This set is a bit different as it creates steam, which heats the rollers and it's supposed to be even more gentle for daily use.  It has a lot of really good reviews, so I decided to give it a try.

When I first received it, I was surprised to see that they are so light.  You have a very small base which you fill up with water, then you plug it in and it starts to create steam.  It also makes a boiling water noise, and you can definitely see the steam shooting up.  You can only set one roller onto the steam stream at a time, but it only takes a few seconds to heat up so it's not that big of a pain.  You can also heat the roller, then the clip before putting it over the roller when you have it placed in your hair.

I also ordered 2 packs of large and jumbo sized rollers in addition to the 30 that come with it.  Because I don't want little ringlet, but rather large wavy curls.  So I won't be touching the little rollers.  Folica always has specials where if you go over a certain amount, you either get a free product, or free shipping at least.  So it actually turned out cheaper to order more.  How funny.  

I also ordered a Spornette Italian Collections Boar Bristle hair brush that's about 2 1/4 inch round to get to a certain dollar amount.  But I actually really love it!  It might be my new favorite brush!!

And OT: Folica has a really good deal going on right now that if you order over $75 of stuff, you get free shipping, and a curling iron and Moroccan Argan oil!  It ends on Friday...

Anyway, back to the steam setter I got.  The first time I tried them out, I thought the curls turned out really pretty!  And I got such nice volume from the rollers as well.  It was a very different look from what I achieve with my curling iron.  The curls were mostly on the bottom, and the top portion of my hair just had tons of body.  I was surprised I got this much results, as I did not think this product would have worked for my thick hair.  I really liked how my hair looked and took pictures!

I did not use any hair products at all.  I heated each roller about 10 seconds, and the outside clip part for about 5 seconds before putting them in.  Once all the rollers were in my hair, I used my hair dryer to go over every roller just to make the curls set better.  Then left it for about 15-20 minutes before taking them out of my hair.  The above pictures were taken pretty much right after I took the rollers out.

I was very happy with them, however, after about 5 minutes the curls started falling out!  I did this at night as I just wanted to try out the product, so I was going to bed anyways.  But usually when I curl my hair with a curling iron, I can sleep on it all night and still have nice curls the next morning without any hair spray or anything.  However, with this steam setter, the next morning when I woke up my curls were pretty much all gone.  They looked more like faint waves rather than curls.  I should have taken more pictures!  But I forgot to.  =(

So I figured that was because I didn't put any hair spray in my hair and slept on it right away.  I had to give it another try.  On Saturday I decided to try it with hair spray.  I actually hair sprayed each strand of hair before rolling them onto the roller.  Then I repeated everything I did the first time, and then put even more hair spray on after I took all the rollers out.  It was like the most hair spray I had ever put in my hair!  I normally hate that stuff.  I thought for sure the curls weren't going anywhere, but they went a lot more flat again within about an hour!  I was super disappointed!!!  It doesn't do me any good to have pretty curls for 5 seconds when I spent nearly an hour putting in the rollers and waiting for them to set!

I sent this product back to Folica for a return.  But I actually saw a Babyliss ceramic roller set and ordered that instead, and was able to get the curling iron and argan oil deal above.  They were shipped today (same day shipping again!) so I should receive them next week.  I hope it works!  Otherwise I guess I'll just have to stick with my curling irons.  But I love the body rollers give!  Fingers crossed...


  1. So frustrating that the curls fall out so quickly, because your hair looks beautiful in the picutures.

    You and I have the opposite problem... I have natural curls/waves and I have just ordered another new flat iron! I use straightening shampoo, conditioner, leave in spray, and serum. Then I blow dry my hair straight and then flat iron it.

    I guess I am lucky because I can straighten my hair, but if I want I can also let it go wavy/curly. Depends on my mood I guess.

    Keep us posted as to how the new ceramic curlers work. Good luck!

  2. Haha that's so funny! I think most of the time we all just want what we don't have... Have you tried a straight perm? I hear it works pretty well.


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