Friday, June 24, 2011

Butter Click Pump & Why Gilt Waitlist Works!

I finally got the perfect pair of patent leather nude pumps!  I've been looking for a pair forever, seriously like a year!  They are everywhere, but I was being picky and it was unusually hard to find a pair that fit my wish lists.  I wanted some that were no more than 4 inches high so I can actually walk in them all day.  I also wanted just the right shade of color, no visible platform, no man-made material, and does not cost an arm and a leg.  I came across some from Gilt about a month ago, I was uber excited!  Except they were all sold out!  So I clicked on "wait list" and forgot about them.  But they actually became available for me earlier this week!

And they already delivered them today!  I think they are gorgeous and just perfect in person.  I got them in my regular size 6 but they are a tiny bit tight.  So I hope they stretch a little bit as I break them in.  They are the perfect color and they are so soft and actually rather comfortable on.  They will go with pretty much everything, any color, any style, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, whatever.  I love how nude pumps make your legs look so much longer and leaner!  These also have a hidden platform, so they elevate you without making the heel feel higher.  Equivalent to a 3.5 inch heel I believe.

Well what do you know, I guess Gilt actually does email you when your wait list items become available.  I couldn't believe it!  It has to be meant to be!  I have only added a few items to my wait list before but have never got an email so I didn't know it would work.  This week I actually got 2 different emails of items that have become available again.  Presumably due to returns.  The other one was for a pair of black diamond white topaz earrings that were sold out again by the time I clicked on the link to buy them.  Yikes.  So I guess it only works if you grab them before someone else who also has it on their wait list adds it.  

So when you get the good news email, there is a private link that takes you to the item.  It looks like this:

And then you just add to your cart and pay as usual.  Pretty cool stuff!  I will definitely be using wait list more often if I miss out on stuff I really want again.


  1. I have never purchased from Gilt, I'm not even a member. I am sure your shoes will stretch to fit your foot perfectly as you break them in.

    Must be nice to receive them so quickly!! I have two items that are somewhere in transit, and who knows when they will ever arrive due to this stupid Canadian postal strike. Very frustrating!!

  2. Hey Becky... I've heard that Gilt doesn't ship to Canada. Not sure if that's changed. I think they are still the best of all those sites.

    I've also heard about the Canadian postal strike. Yikes! I'd be in so much trouble if that happened to me as I do so much online shopping! Hope something gets resolved for you guys soon!

  3. Do you know what height heel Gilt advertised these as? When I got them, I was taken aback by how much higher they were than I thought they'd be!!

    1. I don't remember... looks like maybe 4 inch? I did think they were pretty high and rather uncomfortable too. I wore them I think twice in the office (mostly sitting), and while I was standing up talking with someone, the heel on the right foot decided to kind of snap off! LOL! It didn't fall off completely, but the part where the heel attached to the shoe became loose and was wobbling around if you know what I mean. I keep a stash of shoes at work so I was able to change into other shoes but I was not impressed with that. Luckily Gilt took care of me and allowed me to return them when I called to let them know what had happened.


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