Friday, August 19, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses

Finally I was able to get a bridesmaid dress that fits everyone's budget and taste.  Surprisingly, it's from David's Bridal - it's called the Sleeveless Split Front Crinkle Chiffon Dress.

I thought it was a cute dress that will flatter everyone's figure.  It was hard finding a dress because actually all my bridesmaids (I'm having 3, plus my MAN of honor!) live in different cities.  Only one in LA, the other two are in San Diego and San Francisco.  With the rather tight time constraint, it was just much easier to order online than to coordinate and go into stores in different cities to find the same products.  

I liked the pale pink color of this dress, though I wanted something super pale like almost white.  I was willing to settle for this color, but in person, it is much more pink!!!  I really did not expect it to be so bright.  But I really don't want to go through the hassle of returning them and then trying to find another dress so I decided to just stick with it.  It's not an ugly color or anything, just brighter than I thought.  I actually tried it on myself, and here's what it looks like on me.  Actually in person, I think it's even brighter than this photo:

So yeah, in person it's more of a brighter pink with some coral in it.  It's pretty, I guess that's why the color is called "candy pink".  So it's not that big of a sacrifice to make.  I think the more important thing is that it is a good fit on everyone, as A line dresses usually are.  Also I did not want strapless dresses because they are uncomfortable to wear as my girls would have to keep pulling them up all night.  At least that's always been my experience with strapless things.  Either that or it gives you armpit fat when it's too tight.  It was surprisingly kind of hard to find a bridesmaids dress that is not strapless.  I also did not want a satiny material, as I wanted the dresses to look light and flowy by the lake side.  Not satiny and uptight.  That just eliminated a bunch of bridesmaid dresses too.  

Anyway, so I am happy with this dress at the end.  If the color was a pale, powder pink, I would be 100% happy with it.  But now I'm like 85%ish happy with it so it definitely could be worse.  For a last minute find that's a pretty good deal (on sale from like $135 to $79), I thought it would be safer to keep these than to attempt to find a new one.  


  1. They are pretty dresses, but if you don't love them, maybe hold onto them and return them if you find ones you love more?

  2. I agree --if you dont love them -- dont settle -- they are pretty though

  3. The only thing about keeping them while looking for another dress is that David's Bridal has an awful return policy! It's only 14 days and they have to receive the item before the period is up or you are screwed!! With my bridesmaid drama going on, I don't think I even want to deal with that! Now that I have a dress I'm happy enough with, I feel like it is best to leave the issue alone lol.

  4. It's a pretty style and hard to beat that price, but that's too bad you don't love it! You don't want to look back at wedding pictures and think "man, I really don't like that color!" And it's too bad David's portrayed the color so differently online vs. real life. There should be some accountability for them inaccurately portraying their product.

    If you do find something else you like better last minute, you can always try to sell these on Ebay or on the weddingbee forums.

    If you feel like hunting online a lot, I got a dress this spring from J Crew in silk chiffon in the color "pale lilac" which sounds exactly like the color you envisioned. Despite having lilac in the name, it is more of a very pale pink, on the verge of me not being sure if I could wear it to a wedding because it looked white in some lights. If you do a google search in images for j crew pale lilac, you can see how light it is. Unfortunately they are out of it on the site and it looks like most of the silk chiffon dresses in that color on Ebay are strapless.

    If you do keep the David's dresses, maybe you can have your bridesmaids carry white or lighter colored flowers to lighten things up?

    Sorry to hear you are having bridesmaid drama too... :( Hang in there!

  5. So happy that you found your ideal bridesmaid dress! I really like the pale pink color of this cute dress! a great choice, in my opinion! David's Bridal has many beautiful, elegant and chic dresses! thanks for sharing this awesome bridesmaid dress with us!

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