Friday, August 26, 2011

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler

I was watching some makeup tutorials on YouTube in the attempt to find a good look for my upcoming wedding.  My friend who is a super talented makeup artist is doing my makeup, but he needs to know what look I want.  I am still working on that, though I think I will go for a smokey eye look, with light shades elsewhere - like cheeks, lips, etc.  The first makeup preview look we did, I think it was a little too heavy an outdoor wedding look. Anyway, so as I was watching all these YouTube videos, I saw some people use the Panasonic Heated Eyelash curler.  I had never looked into heated lash curlers because I never thought they'd work.  But somehow one of the videos convinced me to buy one.  They are sold on Amazon for like $11, so that's cheap enough to give it a try.
It's a super cute baby blue, and comes with a sparkly blue cap as well.  All you need is an AA battery in order to turn it on.  So it's easy to use.

Here's a picture of it with the cute cap on!

This actually was a really good solution for me right now as I got eyelash extensions about a month ago, and recently went for a refill session.  You are not supposed to use a traditional lash curler with extensions on, because the lash curler could permanently dent them.  I got the kind of extensions that have a natural curl, so technically I don't really need to curl my lashes at all.  But when they do these extensions, they attach each lash to your real lash one by one.  So the extensions still follow the direction your real lashes.  Therefore I still would like to curl my lashes right at the base of where they start, closest to the eye, for a more open eyed look.

This Panasonic Heated curler works pretty well.  It heats up fast, and gets very hot.  Then you just hold it at the base of the lashes for a couple seconds while gently applying pressure upwards.  If you want, you can then keep moving up the lash to create even more curl.  My lash extensions are way thicker and heavier than normal lashes of course, but this works on them as well so I could only imagine how well it would work on natural lashes.  However, after I use this on my extensions, they kind of drop back down a little bit presumably because they are heavier than actual lashes.  But it's still better than not doing anything at all.

The product states that you can apply mascara first, then use the heat to curl lashes and set everything.  But I don't see how that's possible because I've tried it on my bottom lashes with mascara on, and the heat just melts it right off.  I'm not sure if it's because you need time to let the mascara set, but I do not have that much time in the morning to sit around!  So it's probably better to use this first then apply mascara.  Oh yeah, it comes with a cleaning brush as well.  So I definitely think it's a good product, especially for the price!  It's definitely helped me without damaging my extensions.  And it's so cute!

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