Monday, August 1, 2011

Express Ribbed Drape-Neck Sweater

From my 12 hour shopping trips this weekend, I only bought one thing for myself other than my Swarovski earrings for my wedding.  It was surprising as I actually bought my fiance more things than I bought for myself, and he wasn't even there.  I guess I'm really on my way to becoming a wife?  Dang... that word felt weird to type!  Hehe.  I wanted to get more stuff to celebrate passing my test!  And also my birthday is today so a treat for myself is always appreciated lol.  But I just didn't see anything else I liked, so I guess that's better for my wallet!

So the only thing I bought is from Express, the Ribbed Drape-Neck Sweater, in purple shadow:

It looks rather floppy on the model, but it is soooooo freaking cute in person!  It's a rather thin material and fits on the loose side.  I usually wear a XS at Express, but I got a size S in this top because XS looked too tight on the bottom when I held it up.  I didn't try it on in the store.  I think the S fits well, because it's supposed to be loose fitting.  The XS might have been ok too since the fabric does have lots of stretch but I really wouldn't know.  

I actually wore it today to work.  It made working on my birthday a little better!  I usually like to take my birthday off work even if I have nothing to do, because it's a good excuse to stay home.  But I'm going to Vegas this weekend so I'm taking later this week off and I decided to go in today.  I thought this top was super comfortable and I got tons of compliments on it!  Perfect for work!  I wore my hair curled today like the model has here.  I think that is a good look with the style of the top!  Oh yeah I also wore a light tank top underneath because I thought this top might have been a little semi see-through.

Anyway, I think I may have to get another one of these in a different color!  They have a light gray one, a black and a tan one.  They are actually all cute, so it will be hard deciding which one to get!

Oh yeah, totally off topic but I went to Yogurtland for dessert tonight and got way too much candy toppings than I should have.  But they now have these cute Hello Kitty cups and spoons!  It had been a while since I went there last, I guess they made a deal with Hello Kitty.  How cute!


  1. Happy Birthday!!


  2. Happy Birthday!!!!
    Mine was on Thursday so VERY close to yours.
    I took Friday off which made for a nice long weekend!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Love that sweater!

  4. Happy Birthday! The new sweater is super cute :)

  5. Hi, random OT thing. So I was at a wedding this past weekend where the bride had included a huge basket of flip flops in her wedding colors (purple and lavender) in varying sizes so that female guests (of which there were many as she is a dancer) could kick off their heels and dance the night away in flip flops. Just thought it was the most ingenious wedding tidbit I'd seen in a while and thought I'd share since I know you're planning a wedding!

  6. Thanks everyone for the bday wishes!! I had a very nice day! =)

    @J: Funny I actually thought of doing that when I saw some wedding pictures somewhere that had the same idea! It's very cute, and would work really well with my sorta beachy theme. We'll see if I can get around to that! Still lots to do! Yikes!

  7. Happy belated birthday! Hope yo u had a great trip to Vegas. Mine was on the 23rd, but it was not nearly as exciting as going to Vegas.

    A Yogurtland just opened here in NJ close to my work, I love it! I'm not good at picking a ton of toppings, I usually pick one or two flavors and try to find a topping or two that go with both. I need to be more creative.

  8. Happy belated to you too!

    I am the master at mixing every flavor of yogurt and toppings. Hahaha. Seriously, I just pile it all on. All my yogurt gets mixed together so I don't even taste any particular flavor but it's never bad tasting. The toppings are awesome. I love the new toffee crunchy thingy. That and peanut butter cups, some white chocolate chips and I'm in heaven! Sometimes I even top it all with some condensed milk or caramel. Bad I know, but so good at the same time.


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