Thursday, August 11, 2011

NUX Active Wear

Last month I saw NUX Active Wear on Hautelook and decided to order some stuff to try out.  I had never heard of this brand before, but some of their tanks looked really cute.  Actually I might have seen it at Equinox when I used to go there, but I really can't remember.  Their stuff is made in the USA and they tout a "seamless" technology, so I figured why not.

I ordered 2 things in the same color - what can I say, green tones are missing from my (mostly) Lululemon workout gear collection.

The Serenity Heather Tank:

This logo reminds me of Lululemon:

This tank is made of some kind of knit and is rather thick.  It sort of reminds me of Lululemon's swiftly material, but quite a bit thicker and stretchier.  It's a very nice material, but definitely not as light weight.    It has a built in bra, but no place for cup inserts.  Boooo.  However, since the material is rather thick, you will not have any "headlight" problems wearing it with no other bra underneath.  I found the support of the built in bra adequate while running, but then again I don't have a large chest.  So it may not work for well-endowed ladies.  The tank really doesn't have any seams anywhere!  It gives great compression and shaping, though does show every lump and bump underneath because of that.  So it's a tight fit that one should only wear on non-bloated days lol.

I tried out this tank this morning when I got up bright and early to go workout (4 am).  Oh yeah, I canceled my Crunch membership and signed up for this brand new 24 Hour Fitness in NoHo, which actually opens 24 hours and is next to the train station I take to get to work.  So I can workout in the morning before work again.  Yay!  I like it so much better.  

This morning I wore the tank with Lululemon groove pants under.  I ran for about 15 minutes then lifted weights.  I was really surprised that this tank did not move or ride up at all.  I actually expected it to ride up a lot because usually knit material that are this tight fit tend to move a lot.  My Swiftly tees always move up, I am constantly pulling them down when I workout with them.  It's kind of annoying. So this was a pleasant surprise about the NUX tank.  I wonder if it will move any if I wore my luxtreme crops instead.

All in all, I really did like this tank and am definitely willing to purchase other tanks from LUX.  Like I said, the fact that the material is on the thicker side may make it not as good to wear during hot days.  But when inside in an air conditioned gym, I don't see any potential issues.  The upside to that is that it does not show any sweat whatsoever.  And it seemed to be quite good at wicking and is very comfortable on.  I also really really love the color, it looks exactly as it does in the pictures.

The second thing I got was this long sleeve hoodie that I won't be wearing till the weather cools:

I thought this top looked so interesting and I really like the back design.  It's quite unique.  It once again has the same seamless design and is a tight fit.  There's no thumb holes or hidden pockets or anything.  But for the price point, it's a good buy.  I think I read this company does not price any item above $70.  How refreshing!  I paid $31 for this on Hautelook and $21 for the tank.

I can see this top being a really nice top to wear out running during really cold days.  You can keep your body warm while airing out your upper back lol.  In fact, for my Malibu half marathon in November, it might just be perfect.  November mornings here are pretty chilly near the ocean with the breeze.  So maybe I will be wearing it then.  But no try out reviews any time soon, since it is so hot still!

Here is a close up shot of this knit material, which feels and looks the same as the tank.  I like the design within the knit, it's a nice touch.


  1. I'm doing a half marathon too! (in September) Yay! Happy training :) I'm such a lululemon snob that I pretty much never buy anything else haha! it's nice to hear baout this brand--I've seen it on hautelook and never reall knew what to think of it.

  2. lol I normally wear all Lululemon too, but I always feel weird about that. I don't know why, but I feel like I shouldn't be a brand snob and should branch out. Lol.


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