Saturday, January 23, 2010

Conan O'Brien Show

I watched Conan O'Brien's last show and it was so sad!  I cried.  Yes I did.  Well I cry at everything, so that was no shocker.  But I have loved Conan forever now.  I feel like he's been a part of my growing up.  Seriously, who would watch Jay Leno over Conan?  Oh yeah... nevermind.  I just don't get those people.  What do they see in Jay Leno???  He is not funny, and he just looks like an asshole.  I saw him driving on the 405 once when I was on my way to Warner Bros lot, and trust me, he's an ass.  I do judge people who like Leno (and Ryan Seacreast) and try to stay far away from them.  We are not the same breed.  I was very disappointed to find out recently that one of my good friends likes both of them.  I had to reconsider our friendship.

Ok back on track now... Conan, on the other hand, seems like a genuinely nice guy.  He's quirky, and I can see how some people might not get his humor (that's their problem).  But at least he is original, and not just reading a script from his writers.  He definitely really cares about his crew since most of them have been with his show forever and he always shows them on air in different episodes.  He also made sure that NBC included them in their settlement contracts which is very nice of him.  Just shows his character.  He even picked the best neighborhood in LA to live in - Brentwood, also my hood.  So we are practically neighbors!

While watching his last show I was sad because since he moved to LA, I've watched like 2 shows only.  I used to record his show and watch them everyday, but I stopped for reasons I can't remember, probably because it's a lot of commitment to watch everyday.  But I should've been a better fan and watched it more!  Now it's too late.  =( 

Like Conan said in his final statement, nobody should feel sorry for him because he's one of the luckiest people.  I don't feel sorry for him per se, since he has been around for 20 years and is very well off.  He even got $40 million for being fired from NBC.  How many people can say that??  I just feel like it's somewhat a turn of an era.  It's like saying goodbye to an old friend.  It's just sad.  I know it's very odd.  The whole situation just reminds me of how things can change.  Maybe this is a sign of old age???  Only old people get nolstalgic right??  Oh no!

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