Monday, January 4, 2010

My Purpose

Since this is my first blog post, I feel compelled to elaborate a little on the purpose of this blog.  First of all, I have to make the disclaimer that I shop a lot.  Not necessarily expensive or name brand things, though I do have quite a few of them.  But just things that I think I might want/need in general.  I'm somewhat of a shopaholic, though I can curb the urge if I'm low on $$.  In other words, I don't get into debts due to my shopping habits!  But it also makes it hard to save up.  =(  So I decided that since this is the start of the new year, I will start tracking things that I buy, and post my reason for the purchases, and my product reviews, just to make things more interesting.

Secondly, I tend to get addicted to something, and get obsessed with it for a certain period of time.  Then one day, out of nowhere, I will completely abandon it and move onto something else.  This applies to my shopping habits, such as a particular store, but it also applies to many other things that I do ranging from the food I eat, to the exercise I do at the gym, to my website browsing habits.  I'm usually surprised if one of my obsessions lasts longer than a couple months, at which time I feel it appropriate to categorize it as a "hobby" instead.  It's strange, I know.  But I figured I could also use this blog as a tool to express my opinion about my latest obsessions, to make things double fun!

Thirdly, I am into a lot of nutrition and fitness related products and activities, so I'm sure that kind of info will appear a lot throughout.

And lastly, I am very random, so I doubt there will be too much continuity between each post.  =)

Of course I haven't planned out my year, but I can be 99% sure that I will travel somewhere, which will be fun to write about as well.  And we will let the rest just fall into place on its own! 

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