Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Express Luxury Stretch 1 Button Jacket Crosshatch

My order for the Express Luxury Stretch 1 Button Jacket Crosshatch in Black came today.   I was so excited to receive it because I got it online for $30!  It was originally $148 - what a deal!  So I didn't even mind paying $8 shipping this time.  But when I opened the package today, I was disappointed for two reasons.

1.  The color code said "Black", the picture that showed up when I order was also black, so I thought the jacket would be black!  However, the name of the jacket says "Crosshatch", which I guess is a color rather than a pattern like I thought.  So it's actually a grayish color with, well, crosshatch patterns.  WTF?  I mean it's not a bad color, but I thought I was getting black!  I need a black jacket for the versatility.  My work is moving to downtown LA and becoming business dress Mon - Thurs (sucks big time), so I need a jacket to wear everyday.  To me, spending money on work clothes is kind of a waste of money (I rather buy Lululemon).  I want to look nice of course, but want to find cheap things that don't look cheap, aka sale items.  So I thought I'd just get ONE jacket, in BLACK, so it would go with everything.  Then maybe later I would get a gray one or a tan one or something.  Ugh, well, since the jacket was only $30 which was a definite steal, I was willing to overlook the color factor and keep it while searching for a cheap black one later.  Except....

2.  It is a little too small.  I mean what the hell?  This is what I was referring to in my earlier Express post about them changing their sizes.  Apparently I recently became a size 00 there, even though I used to be a 0.  So in this jacket I ordered 00, which was actually the only size they had left, so not that I had a choice.  But I figured it would fit judging from their recent merchandise!  But no, it's too tight and looks like the button is about to pop open.  Grrrr.... so now I definitely can't keep it unless I lose 5 lbs real fast.  Why do you do this Express???  Didn't you think that changing up your sizing would complicate things for customers that shop online???  Me no likie!

Maybe I will stop by the store some time this weekend and try to find a different size and/or color.  I doubt they have many left though since it's so cheap!  I'm not even sure if they were ever in stores at that price.  I have gone into Express quite a few times recently so you'd think I would have noticed if they did.  Well we shall see I guess.  I'm so disappointed!

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