Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lululemon Run:Swiftly Tech LS Silver/Faded Zap & Lululemon Manifesto V Neck LS

Lululemon Run:Swiftly Tech LS Silver/Faded Zap

I went to Lululemon again yesterday.  They had called saying that the shirts I had dropped off for hemming were finished, so I went there to pick them up.  But of course I ended up trying the new stuff on and getting the Run:Swiftly Tech LS Silver/Faded Zap as pictured above.  It's just so cute in person!  The color is a lighter grayish white/silver tone, with the slight lime green accents around the shoulders.  This running top is probably the cheapest one at Lulu at $68.  It's a very thin material, a bit see through.  It definitely hugs every curve too, nothing could hide under this!  I guess I would have sized up if I wanted a looser fit.  But I don't like things that fit loosely.  I did try one size up and there were some excess material in the tummy area.  Everywhere else seemed to fit almost the same as my regular size.  This shirt is made of "silverescent" material, whatever that means.  It's supposed to be anti-stink and anti-odor or something.  I'm not sure if this is true though, as I have not tested it out and have never owned this top before.  But I just thought it was super cute and it could work very well as a lounge around shirt in addition to a work out shirt - I'm all about versatility.  It's very comfortable, but it looks like it could snap easily so I have to be careful and not walk into things when I'm wearing it!

Lululemon Manifesto V Neck LS

I also got the Manifesto V Neck yesterday in Fruity Tootie, which is a bright redish pink color as pictured above.  I already have the black one from a while ago, and I really love it!  It is so soft and stretchy.  I would have got one in white and one in blue as well back then but they were $88 each, which is just too much for a shirt like that.  It's not a technical shirt that helps performance or wicks sweat.  So I felt that this shirt was priced a bit high.  Maybe because it's so cute that they knew people would buy them anyways.  I think they sold out of all of them so they never went on sale, not that any Lululemon stuff normally goes on sale much anyway.  I think I might have seen size 12 or so on the sales rack but never in my size!  All the size 10 and 12 ladies can always get goodies for sale, but smaller sizes are always gone so fast.  I could save a lot of money if I was bigger!  But knowing myself I'd wear cheap clothes and lose weight first before investing in cute clothes.  There is no greater motivation than cute Lululemons to lose weight!  And being a cheap-o with work out clothes until I got to my goal weight was precisely what I did.

Well, last night I saw the pink one on sale for $49 in my size!  So I just had to grab it.  But after I bought it I thought about it, $49 is really not all that cheap for just a shirt either.  Sigh... this is how Lululemon gets me I guess.  They make limited quantities to keep the demand high!  Well I love the black one I have, so I'm sure I'll love this one too and make it worth it.  My favorite thing about these shirts is that they are semi-see through, so whatever colored tank I wear underneath them will show through.  This is why I wish I could have gotten the white one, because it would really make any underneath color pop.  But I also love just how comfortable they are. 

The thing I don't quite like about them is that I feel like a walking billboard wearing them, since they have the manifesto written all over.  But I guess if you are not a Lululemon fan, then you probably wouldn't know that they are Lululemon manisfestos.  They would just look like a bunch of words written on a shirt.  I guess that's not so bad.  But I normally wear them inside the house to just chill in.  My black one also attracted lint and pilled a little.  But it's not a big deal and not very noticeable.  So yeah... I'm happy that I was able to find the pink one!

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