Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lululemon Run:Energy Pullover

I am an avid Lululemon Athletica fan, and I usually try on all the new stuff that they come out with.  Aside from their regular day to day work out pants and tanks, and their famous "Groove pants", I LOVE their run line.  All the pants and shirts are really worth the money because they are so performance oriented, and super cute!  I never have to worry about fixing them to stay in place when I'm running or working out - they just do, and they are so good at wicking away sweat!  So I'm always comfortable and feel great when I'm wearing Lululemon stuff to work out in.  It allows me to only focus on doing the best I can and not about stupid little nuisances of my clothes!  I only wear Lululemon when I work out, sometimes I feel like a walking billboard but it's ok!

Not only do I shop at Lululemon all the time, I go to their weekly run club on Thursday nights at the store which is down the street from where I live.  I guess this is why Lululemon is doing well - their stores have a community feel to it, they have free yoga classes every Sunday in their stores and most stores do organize run clubs and such, which gets people to participate, and then buy their clothes.  It's smart!  So anyways, I am known at the Brentwood Lulu store now by all the employees.  I felt a little pathetic when one of the girls called me the other day to let me know that the shirts I took in to get hemmed (they do free hemming for all their products, even if they are old styles and you've worn them - awesome!) were ready.  And she said I could either come in to get them that day or get them on Thursday night when I come in to the run club.  So yeah... She knew exactly who I was and that I would show up to the run club... lol.  So I felt that I was officially a part of the "Lululemon cult"... hahaha... I always think that's so ridiculous that people think Lululemon is a cult.  But I guess you can call any group of people with similar interests a "cult".  They do have a very strong brand following.  But maybe it's because they have beautiful clothes that are made in really good quality?  I think people that spend thousands of dollars on some fugly Louis Vuitton monogram purse are more "cult-ish" than people who buy Lulu stuff.  But I digress....

So tonight I went to the run club again wearing the new Run:Energy Pullover I got a couple weeks ago.  I hadn't had a chance to wear it yet so I was excited to try it out.  We ran 5 miles around the Brentwood Country Club as usual, pretty much made 2 loops.  It was a cooler night - about 60 degrees, and this shirt was perfect!  The zipper on the front lets you adjust how much you want to expose, so you can zip it up if its cold and down if it gets warm.  The whole under arm and sides of the torso are mesh so it keeps the body cool.  Of course it has thumb holes like all Lululemon stuff, so the sleeves stay in place.  The logo is reflective so you can be seen at night.  It is made of the softest material.  They call it running luon, which is their special material.  It's SO comfy, I could wear it all day everyday.  They only seem to make running shirts in this material.  They have tanks and pants made of luon, but it's not as soft as running luon. So aside from all these, the design of the shirt is super cute!  It's a very flattering fit.  The length is perfect too.  I don't know what it is, but I think pretty much everything I've tried on at Lululemon looks good and flattering when I put it on.  I hear this from women of different body types so maybe somehow they do just look good universally!

I was very happy with the result tonight.  I don't know if this has anything to do with the new shirt, but I finished the run in 45 minutes, which includes a lot of uphill on one side of the country club.  So averaged 9 minute a mile which is not bad!  I'm glad my endurance is increasing.  It is nice to be able to easily run 5 miles at a decent pace without huffing and puffing.  Now I really need to find another half marathon to sign up for, since Surf City USA is sold out already.  =(

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