Sunday, January 24, 2010

SugarFISH Brentwood

Last night I went to SugarFISH for dinner again.  It's just too convenient for me to go there often, since I live within a minute walking distance from the new Brentwood location.  It's a pretty small restaurant, but decorated beautifully.  Service is always great, and it's always full of people ever since they opened this location about 2 months ago.  I would go there everyday for every meal if I didn't care about how fattening rice is.   But I go there very often as it is.  It's just soooo delicious!  Their fish is always so amazingly fresh and when it's served on warm rice, and drizzled with ponzu or whatever other secret sauces they use, it's just unbelievable. 

SugarFISH is not your average American Sushi restaurant.  They don't have stuff like "rainbow rolls" or "California rolls".  They serve real sushi, as in raw fish on top of rice.  You can order individually, or most people order their set menus.  The one I normally order is the most popular one, it's called Trust Me.  There's also Trust Me Light, and Nozawa.  But I think Trust Me gives you the best options for the best value.  For dinner, it's $27.5, and you get edamame, tuna tartare, 2 pieces of salmon, 2 pieces of albacore, 2 pieces of yellowtail, 2 pieces of halibut, 1 toro hand roll, and 1 blue crab hand roll.  It's such an amazing deal!  Everything tastes sooo good, and each one just keeps getting better than the last!  I remember the first time I had it, when I was eating the toro hand roll, I thought nothing could be better than this.  But when the crab roll came out, oh my God, I could not believe it.  In fact, I have never just eaten one crab roll.  I always have to order at least another one at the end of the meal!  Not that I'm still hungry, because believe me it is a lot of food.  But I just can't stop eating it because it's just that good that I force myself to over eat!  Of course nobody ever orders dessert there.  Do they even serve dessert?  I've never looked for dessert because I'm always so satisfied after the meal!  When you end a meal with crab roll, I don't know why anyone would want dessert.

I think no matter how much praise I give to SugarFISH, one has to go and experience it to understand.  I honestly think that people who don't normally like raw fish would love it as well.  Since each roll comes with its own sauce, you don't need to dip it in soy sauce either.  Although I think most people still do, because that is what they are used to.  But I don't.  First of all, soy sauce is so high in sodium, I don't want to eat fish with soy sauce and then blow up like a fish!  How Americans always manage to make healthy foods unhealthy is beyond me.  Secondly, it's an insult to the sushi chef when you dip their perfectly made fish into soy sauce and cover all the taste that he intends you to experience.

Anyway, so I was very happy to go there again last night.  I actually didn't over eat this time, because I split the Trust Me with my boyfriend, and we just got an additional order of crab roll at the end.  It was the perfect amount of food.  Of course I wanted more though.  We jokingly talked about going to the kitchen and stealing all their crab and run home real fast.  Hehe...  I really considered it for a second. 

Oh, this is the cherry on top.  Of course Brentwood is full of celebrity sighting opportunities since most of them live in the neighborhood or nearby (remember it's OJ-wood!).  You see them in restaurants, grocery stores, or whatnot.  Most celebrities seem to like sushi (remember Jeremy Piven claimed to have gotten mercury poisoning from eating at Katsuya too much down the street from SugarFISH), so if you are at a sushi restaurant in this hood, you are pretty much guaranteed to see one.  I don't even recognize most of them though, and don't really care if I see them.  But last night, as we were sitting there, in walks Mark Harmon and his wife!  A lot of people probably don't know who he is, but he plays Gibbs on NCIS.  It's supposed to be the highest rating show, but I don't know anybody else that watches it other than myself and my boyfriend.  So we were stoked to see him!  I almost wanted to say something to him, but he looked pretty serious, very much like his Gibbs character.  So I was a little intimidated.  But we thought we heard the server say "welcome back" to them, so he must go there often!  Hmmm even more reason to go to SugarFISH!  Maybe next time I will sit next to him.  Hehehehe

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