Monday, January 18, 2010

Juicy Coutour Midnight in the Garden & Steve Madden Xenonn Boots

Juicy Coutour Midnight in the Garden

The Juicy Coutour Midnight in the Garden line is really beautiful.  This line has bracelet, earrings, necklace, cocktail rings, hair clips, and a headband, as far as I've seen.  I've had my eye on them for quite a while now.  I first saw the bracelet at the Juicy store on fifth avenue in NYC last September, and fell in love with it. 

It's very romantic looking, and I love the colors and different flower shapes together.  I also love how it doesn't scream "Juicy" since it's quite different from their other stuff (i.e. not screaming "I'm 13 years old").  I didn't buy it though because it was $98 and I'm not really a bracelet person.  But after I got home, I went to the Juicy store in Century City to try it on, with the intention of actually buying it.  But it was WAY too big, I think it's supposed to be loose fitting, but it was so big that it would really bother me.  The chains can't be taken off either for adjustment.  So, I didn't buy it again.  But I bought the headband from the same line instead.  It's basically a thin metal band with the same flowers from the bracelet arranged on one side.  It's very pretty.  But I must say it is the most uncomfortable headband ever!  Because the band is thin round metal, it dug into my head way too much and I think made a temporary imprint on the side of my flesh... great.  My head started hurting from it so bad, and I never wore it again.  Should've returned it, for $50 it was definitely not worth it.  But I was too lazy to go back to the store and now it's been too long to go return.

Well, I got the earrings from the Midnight in the Garden line from my boyfriend as one of my Christmas presents.  They look sooo pretty too, and I would definitely wear earrings more than the bracelet or the headband!

But when I put them on, I was so disappointed!  The way they are made, I don't know why exactly, but when I put them on, the hoops turned sideways instead of staying straight on.  So from the front with them on, I saw two big circles hanging from my ear lobes instead of just the front part of the circles.  I don't know how to explain it really.  But basically the flowers are only on the outside of each hoop, and the way they got turned when worn, the flowers ended up facing the back.  So I had a hard time seeing them myself even if I looked at my own profile.  The only way anyone would see the flowers on the earrings was if they stood diagonally behind me.  How stupid!  So after a long time, I had to go return them to Nordstrom today.  Hey good thing Nordstrom has amazing return policy, since I've had these sitting around forever now, I'd be stuck with them otherwise!

Well, I found out that they actually had a price change from $68 to $46.  The bracelet also went down from $98 to $64.  It's very weird, because they are not "on sale", the prices just got adjusted.  I think I've noticed this a lot lately from different stores.  Everyone seems to be doing it.  It's weird though, because I thought retail sales were better in 2009 than 2008.  Maybe it's still not as high as the stores would like so they are trying to get more people to buy by lowering prices.  I guess.  I mean it's a good thing for us consumers!

Steve Madden Xenonn Boots

Anyway, I returned the earrings and got the Steve Madden Xenonn boots in black suede instead.

I already have these in grey suede that I order from Steve Madden.  I love them!  I had been looking for a cute pair of over the knee boots that didn't cost an arm and a leg for the longest time.  I was really glad when I got the grey ones on black Friday last year.  But grey is just not as versatile as black.  Speaking of price adjustments earlier, these boots were $169 at the time I bought them, and now they are $149, and not "on sale" either.  Well I had a 30% off coupon thingy on black Friday so I only spent like $110 or something.  But yeah, this price adjustment thing seems to be everywhere!

The grey ones I have are size 6.5.  I normally wear size 6 in shoes, but the 6.5 in these are still a bit tight in the upper foot/ankle area.  So I got a size 7 in black today, and they fit much better.  These boots are pretty hard to put on still.  They only have a little zipper on the inside ankle part about 3 inches long.  The rest you just have to squeeze.  The legs aren't very tight, but not much room there either, and my legs are pretty slim.  I don't think somebody with thicker calves can fit into these comfortably.  They may have to size up one more.  I really wish Steve Madden designed the ankle part of these boots wider so that they would be more comfortable and easier to put on.  But that would be my only complaint about these boots.  Otherwise, I love how they really go over the knee, and can be scrounged down too if you want them a little shorter.  The top portion of the boots fold down with a cute tie in the back for a more feminine look.  They are pretty thick too, there is a layer on the inside that makes them warm and comfy to wear.  I've worn them with a dress as well as over jeans.  They look really cute either way.  They would be cute with shorts too when the weather is a bit warmer.  They are very tall though, I think the website says 5 inch heels?!?  They are pretty comfortable all things considered.  I could stand in them all night without any problems.  But I've had a lot of practice with my high heels!  I definitely think the look of these heels would scare many women away before they would try them on.  They really aren't that bad!

So I'm excited to have the black ones now too.  I've found that when I really like something, I should just get multiples in different colors I want before they are gone.  Because even if you have the money, many times it is very hard to find the perfect whatever you are looking for.  Like I said, I had been looking for a pair of boots like these for a long time, and have finally found them.  I know I would regret it later if I didn't get the black ones as well.  Now I need to go find some suede spray so I can spray the sh*t out of both of them.  I wonder if my Koolaburra spray would work??

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