Saturday, January 16, 2010

Diddy Riese

I went to yoga at Equinox after work today.  Afterwards, instead of coming home for a healthy protein filled meal, I decided that the yummy freshly baked cookie and ice cream sandwiches at Diddy Riese would be a better alternative.  

Ok you have to admit, it looks (and tastes) pretty amazing!  All for a whopping $1.5.  I did go to spinning class this morning, so I worked out twice today.  I felt like I could cheat a little bit.  Hehe.

Well I guess if you went to UCLA, it's a given that you frequented Diddy Riese, as it's located in Westwood right next to campus.  I didn't go to UCLA, but I've lived in Brentwood for a few years now, which is just on the other side of the 405 freeway from Westwood.  And I went to the Equinox Westwood location tonight.  It was all too convenient! 

Anyway, Diddy Riese makes tons of different cookies and brownies, things like that.  My work usually gets them delivered to the office once a month or so.  But they never get the ice cream so it had been a long time since I last had an actual ice cream sandwich.  Of course you get to choose your own cookie flavor and ice cream flavor.  I always get the white chocolate cookies, because I love white chocolate.  But not the one with macadamia nuts, don't like that for some reason.  I've always gotten the cookies n cream flavored ice cream to go with it before, but tonight I decided to be more adventurous and got the strawberry with real cheese cake chunks flavor.  My boyfriend got the white chocolate cookies with peanut butter ice cream.  They were both gigantic and amazing.  I liked mine but I think I may either stick with my usual cookies n cream or get the cookie dough next time.  My boyfriend's peanut butter ice cream had real peanut butter chunks in it, was very tasty.  We had planned to split just ONE ice cream cookie between the two of us, but since we wanted different flavors, we decided to get two, and put some in the freezer to save for later, because we thought we couldn't possibly eat it all in one seating!  But of course we both finished ours on the car ride home.  It was less than a mile.  Ugh.  Couldn't help it.  Too good!  It's never hard to eat 500 calories in less than 5 minutes, but takes at least an hour to burn it off!  How unfair!

BUT, it was worth it for one of those once in a blue moon type of things.  Definitely satisfies the sweet tooth craving.  The place is so cute too, it's tiny and there's always a line, but it wasn't bad tonight at all.  The people working there are pretty fast and efficient.  And since they only take cash, the transactions are usually pretty fast.  I guess most people go there after they have dinner at one of many nearby restaurants, or for a late night study session break snack?  I wish I had one of these places at UCSB when I went to college!  But then I would've probably gained like 50 pounds.  I was not very good at controlling my urge back then.  I worked out hard too, drank and ate like there was no tomorrow.  But I guess I was younger and had higher metabolism.  Sigh... those were the days...

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