Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Express Dreamweight Long Tank & Express Sexy Stretch Bra Cami

Express Dreamweight Long Tank

I stopped by Express at 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica during lunch hour today.  I saw the Dreamweight Long tank/dress thing and the print was so pretty I had to try it on!  I guess it's technically a tank top, but it really is the same length as some of my dresses.  It was only like $34 or something, so I bought it right away.  It's pretty light weight and fits simple but cute.  I love how the front and back are different shades.  I also love the black band at the bottom.  It is kind of a satiny material.  This will be a great dress for the summer!  I think it is pretty versatile too because it could be worn as a day/beach dress, or be worn as an evening going out dress with some nice high heels.  The sales guy said that they would look cute during the day with some leggings, like the model in the pictures.  But I still don't know about that look.  I know it's a very popular look nowadays since we seem to be going back to the 80s, but I'm just not sure it's for me.

This tank (dress) seems to run very large.  I always got XS at Express before, but I got this in XXS and it's still not all that tight.  I think Express has changed their sizing recently.  They are making a lot more XXS and 00 sizes in their clothes.  I tried on a pair of Editor Wide Waistband pants today, and I already own 5 pairs of pants in this style in size 0 (Only the BEST work pants EVER!).  They are not that tight on me, but not big either, and they are perfect for work.  But today I tried on 00 and I could fit into them without a problem.  How could this be??  So now I wear 00 in pants, and XXS in shirts at Express.  Hmmm... very suspicious!  They definitely did this on purpose to make people feel good about themselves buying smaller sizes.  It's so stupid!  Express sizes already ran large to begin with compared to other brands.  I don't understand how girls smaller than me can shop there.  Everything would be so big on them!  I think sizes like XXS and 00s should be made in limited quantity and reserved for girls under 100 lbs or something.  It doesn't really make me feel better buying a smaller size when I know it's not really because I've lost weight but rather a scheme to get me to spend more money there!

Express Sexy Stretch Bra Cami

I also got the sexy stretch bra cami in white and baby blue today.  I already own 2 of these in black and heather gray and wear them all the time.  They are seriously the best tank tops I've ever owned (I know this sounds like a cheesy marketing campaign but it's really true!)!  And I've owned A LOT of different ones.  They are just so essential because I can wear them under shirts, sweaters, or just on their own.  I have a lot of low cut V neck type shirts and sweaters, so I always need a staple of camis I can wear underneath them.

These camis have built in bras that actually work very well so you could go without a bra.  They are made of a pretty thick cotton material with some spandex in them, so they stay in their shape, and don't stretch or bag out with each wear.  They are the perfect length - a little longer style, but not too long that it will cover the bum, which I like.  They don't go too low on the front neck line like some of my other tanks do, which is great.  They actually fit true to size - I wear a XS and fits perfectly.  Everything about them is just perfect.  I can't think of a single bad thing about them!  The price is not bad, $20 each.  But I always get those "spend $60 and get $20 off" type of discount cards from Express in the mail so I've spent an average of about only $7 on each cami.  I think if you find this item on the Express website, the hundreds of 5 star reviews will resonant my opinion.

I'm really glad I found these.  I plan to get more in different colors, I think I'd like a pink one, and maybe a tan one and a purple one... and a green one?  A brighter blue one?  Dark gray?  Brown?  Maybe I'll just get the whole rainbow spectrum!  I hope Express continues to make this item so I will never have to find another tank!

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