Thursday, January 7, 2010

Super Nutrition &

Super Nutrition

I got another bottle of Super Nutrition AntiOxidant Power today because I am almost out of my current bottle.  I started taking Super Nutrition AntiOxidant Power as well as Super Nutrition Multi-Vitamins a few months ago.  Allyson said that this is *the* best brand out there.  They are a small family company I believe.  They are sold only at places like Whole Foods.  I don't exactly know what AntiOxidant Power does, but I guess it keeps you healthy so you don't get sick as much...?!?  So like antioxidant in fruits or green tea or something.  Anyway, these are vegetarian pills, and they also have a bunch of vitamins and folic acid in them and stuff like that.   I guess it does work because I haven't gotten sick at all this winter, which is a first because I would usually get sick around this time of year in the past - it's also flu season.  So I keep on taking them.

The serving size says 2 tablets a day.  But since this bottle is so expensive - they retail a little over $30 for a bottle containing 30 tablets, so like $1 per tablet, that will add up to over $60 a month.  Pretty darn expensive!  So, I take one tablet a day.  Hehehe... I read some reviews on some websites that some other people do this as well.  I think it's probably sufficient since most of these things usually tell you to take more than you need anyway.

The Super Nutrition multi-vitamin as shown above is pretty good.  There are two kinds.  One of them you take one pill per day, the other you take 6 pills per day.   They are exactly the same accordingly to Allyson, except you don't wanna take 6 pills a day - that would be way too annoying.  This one is much more affordable than the antioxidant.  You can get 180 tablets for about $20.

So where do I get the Super Nutrition products?  Well if you google "Super Nutrition", there are lots of sites that sell it.  All of them sell at prices cheaper than Whole Foods, of course.  But after shipping cost, I'm not so sure.  I checked VitaminShoppe too, they usually have really good prices if you order from their website, and very cheap shipping.  But they didn't carry this brand.  So after doing much price comparison, I found  It doesn't look like a very impressive site aesthetically, but they do carry lots of different products.  I was skeptical at first because I had never heard of this site before, and I'm always wary of purchasing things from random sites using my credit card for fear of fraud.  But I thought I'd give it a try and I'm glad I did!

This site is awesome!  They have pretty much all the products Super Nutrition makes, which is really cool because most other sites I checked only carried a few products.  The AntiOxidant Power they carry comes in a bigger bottle than other sites too, it contains 60 tablets, for $43.  So it is definitely cheaper as well.  The multi-vitamins cost $17.  They also ship UPS ground for free!  What really surprised me the first time I order was that they prepared for shipment really fast - every time I've ordered, they have shipped out on the same day.  Their warehouse is located in LA as well, so I actually receive the products a day later.  As an additional bonus, since they don't have a store or anything in California, there is no sales tax!  What else can I ask for???

Like, also does keep your previous orders, so you have a choice to "reorder" in the future.  It is pretty handy if you keep ordering the same products like I do.  You don't have to look through everything and find them all again.  And if you don't want to order everything that you ordered last time, you can choose whichever one you want from the last order.

Even though the site looks simple and minimal, it is pretty easy to navigate so I guess they don't need all the fancy schmancy website stuff.  It's probably not worth it for them to spend lots of money upgrading the site when it does what it needs to do already.  What I care about as a customer is that they have the products I want at the right prices, and that they ship out fast.  So as far as I'm concerned, they get an A+.  I'm very happy about this site and I hope they keep up the good work!  I will continue ordering from them for a long long time.

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