Monday, January 4, 2010

Boar's Head Low Sodium Turkey Breast & Honey Nut Cheerios

Boar's Head Low Sodium Turkey Breast


I always thought that Boar's Head made good quality lunch meat.  But I'm really not impressed by their low sodium turkey line.  When I bought it at Ralph's, I asked the guy that cut the meat for me if he knew the sodium amount per serving.  He said he didn't, even though the nutritional info is probably on the package and he didn't bother to look.  But whatever, I thought I'd give it a try anyway.  It tasted a little salty, but I figured it would be around maybe 150mg or 200mg per 3 oz serving.

I just looked it up on the dailyplate.  Apparently it's got 340mg of sodium per 2 oz serving! Holy shit! That is a lot of sodium for something that calls itself "low sodium".  I can't even begin to imagine how much the regular one has.  No wonder Americans are so fat!  2 oz is like 2 slices.  I ate 3 slices just now, so that means I just took in over 500mg of sodium just from that!  And it tasted like it too.  That is definitely 1/2 of the daily sodium intake I should have (I limited my sodium intake to around 1200 a day), not good.  What do I do?  Drink lots of water to flush it out?  But will the water just be retained by the sodium in my body so I will be even more bloated??  Ugh.... I don't know why I veered from the Chef's Express low sodium turkey I normally get which only has 50mg of sodium per 2.3 oz.  It has way more protein too (25g per serving vs. 12g)!  AND, it is $8.99 per pound vs. Boar's Head's $11.99.  Never again!

Honey Nut Cheerios

I love Honey Nut Cheerios.  I just bought another big box of it today.  According to Allyson (my nutritionist), it's the best cereal because it's got all the nutritional value, and it has lower calories than most other brands out there.  I've done my fair compare, and it is true!  Besides, it just tastes so good!  She says I should only have 1 cup, which is a little over 100 calories, but I find that a little hard since I can just munch on those things forever!  Oh well, better than munching on potato chips right? 

I'm a fan of Cheerios on facebook, and I read an announcement that they will come out with chocolate flavored Cheerios in early 2010.  I just checked their website, they are not out yet, but looks like they will be some time in January.  Awesome!  I can't wait to try.  It could be super delish, or super disgusting.  I hope Cheerios does not disappoint me!  I wonder what the nutritional value will be...

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