Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Funday!

This is the first full weekend that I've had since my test, and it's amazing how much shopping I can fit into my schedule now... LOL!  I literally went shopping all weekend.  Will have to write about what I bought later.  But I am tired from walking so much!  Shopping is a good workout.  =D

On the other hand, my workouts and diet have been less than stellar this week.  I guess I am still in "celebration" mode.  Alcohol is really not good for the waistline (among other things).  But, life happens.  Instead of feeling guilty about it, I am just going to move forward and get it together next week!

I didn't workout on Monday, but I do have a work outfit which is actually my Costa Blanca Novara dress that is totally not work-appropriate.  But with a white blazer over, nobody could tell!

Tuesday 6/5
What I did:  Workout 5 of the final stage of New Rules of Lifting for Women.

What I wore:  Lululemon No Limit tank in aruba, with coal Team Spirit crops and New Balance Minimus Road shoes.

Wednesday 6/6:  Was supposed to workout, but took it off.  =/

Thursday 6/7
What I did:  Workout 6 of the final stage.  So technically I am done with this series!  But I'm re-doing the 6 workouts of the final stage again.

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in majestic, with Energy bra in grape seed and Ebb & Flow crops in classic sports gray.

Friday 6/8 - Yeah, was supposed to go workout but decided to go to a fun bar instead.  BUT, I did wear Lululemon... does that count??  Haha.  So I took a pic to show that one can pull off Lulu while going out on the town, and nobody would know!

Aren't these newspaper shoes cool?  I love them.  You can see them better here:

Saturday 6/9 - So I spent a good half of the day recovering from the night before.  And then my husband and I took Whiskey out for a 3 mile hike.  That was all the workout I could/wanted to handle.  Then we walked over to the mall that's like 2 blocks away and walked around for a few hours.  

Sunday 6/10
What I did:  I actually had a good workout today.  I went to my usual Sunday circuit class where I did a lot of sprints on the treadmill mixed with different weight stations.  Then went shopping for like 4+ hours!

And that's that.  I am now going to go watch the season premier of True Blood!!!  Who else is uber excited for the new season??


  1. love that purple CRB! I hope they come out with bolder bright colors soon (jonesin' for a Ray and Pow Pink one)

    Sorry I keep harassing you about NWoL4W but do you wear gloves while lifting? I'm over halfway done with stage 1 but I'm getting killer calluses on my palms and fingers. Which is kinda rad but not very ladylike

    1. Pow pink would be nice... I remember they came out with a pow pink embossed manifesto print a few years ago and I almost bought it but didn't. Regretted it ever since!

      I do wear gloves when I lift. I feel like I can lift heavier when I have gloves on, because I'm a baby like that. =) No worries at all, ask me questions any time you want!

  2. Ooh I missed out on the jacquard mesh CRBs. Love. Do you run in your New Balance Minimus shoes? How do you like them?

    1. I do run in them. They are good, and probably as minimalist as it gets next to the Vibrams. I like that they look like real shoes though... My all time fav shoes to run or do anything in are still my Adidas adios though!

    2. Thanks, I'll have to try those Adidas! I'm just transitioning to more minimal shoes!

    3. I think the Adidas shoes would be a better transition as the first pair, because they are not completely flat. But they are still very light and give great support at the same time!

  3. Would you recommend RROL4W? Did you enjoy the program and see positive changes in your body? Also how was the nutritional part of the book? My husband started the regular program and I have been thinking about purchasing the women's book for myself. Thanks for you input, I really enjoy your blog!

    1. Yes for sure I would recommend it! I saw SO much increase in strength pretty early on into the workouts. I couldn't even believe how fast I was moving up weight stacks. I can definitely see more muscle definition in my body than before too, and I've lost a few inches and pounds. But of course it's not all the workout, I have been trying to eat healthy too. I didn't really do the nutrition part from the book as I already had a pretty good plan going on myself. But from what I read about it, it seems to be good. I think the book is definitely worth a try! I love lifting heavy now. =)

    2. Thanks for the review! Just purchased it online and am excited to try it out.


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