Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Freedom at last!!!  I took my test yesterday so it is all done now!  Feels so weird to not have anything to read or study for.  Yesterday was pretty excruciating though.  I had to be up at around 6 am to drive to Anaheim, which is about an hour away.  Not to mention I got no sleep the night before - I can never sleep before a big test.  I was there from like 7-8 am until almost 6 pm.  With about an hour or so for lunch.  What I hate the most about these tests is that you can't drink water or eat during the test.  Well, I guess you can get up and go get water but the clock is still ticking.  So basically you eat breakfast before you get there and you don't get lunch until like 5-6 hours later.  Not to mention a huge headache from being dehydrated.  It's inhumane really!  I really hope that I did enough to pass the test (I won't know till August), because I don't want to go through it again.  I think I did ok, but you just never know with these types of test.  Being tired and in a time crunch, silly mistakes tend to occur.  But nothing I can do now so I'm just going to totally forget about it!

Since I was home studying all week this week, I went to workout every morning at around 7-8.  It's great, I don't get to do that normally because of work.  I've never seen so many housewives in my life.  Hehe.  Quite jealous of the optimal workout schedule!  I didn't actually go lift this week because I just attended all these different interval training classes.

Tuesday 5/29
What I did:  A tread/barre class, which as the name implies, is a barre style class with treadmill sprints mixed in.

Wednesday 5/30
What I did:  Interval training class with lots of runs and TRX work.

Thursday 5/31
What I did:  Boxing - it has been a while since I last boxed, so my back was extremely sore afterwards. Not very smart since I had to sit all day yesterday for the test!

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in little boy blue, with flash Centered Energy bra.  Love this bra but it freaking bled all over my white towel.  But luckily not on the tank.  I wore my bright blue passion crop, and my red adidas shoes again.  I know the shoes totally don't match, but I took this picture after class when I still had my red wraps on!  And what do you know, I matched my boxing instructor exactly!  Oh yeah, and Whiskey was all hyper and wanting to play when I got home so he's making an appearance again.

I put on my white swiftly top as to/from, and used my angel blue Jumpstart gym bag.  I love this bag.

Friday 6/1
What I did:  Interval training class with many weight stations and treadmill sprints/hills.

Saturday 6/2 - Test so no workout.

Sunday 6/3
What I did:  Another interval training class with different weight stations and runs.

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in very berry, with Flow Y bra in heathered coal mini check.  I wore my black slub denim astro wunder unders and my blue shoes again.  I asked my husband to pick between blue shoes and white shoes, he picked blue.  He hates these types of "should I wear this or that" questions.  =)


I put my pink mist Mind Over Matter pullover on as to and from but turned out to be totally unnecessary when it got super hot way fast.

I've been laying out by the pool a lot this week too, so I'm super tan now.  It's awesome.  I've also received my 3 new bikini sets from Victoria's Secret so I will have to post pics of those in the next day or so!  Getting so excited about my Turkey and Greece trip coming up in less than 3 weeks!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


  1. Congrats on being done with that test!!!

    I'm so jealous of your lulu collection! Especailly the crops--I don't have very many crops that I like because they're all a little on the long side for me. I'm hoping that they'll come out with some shorter length running crops that won't need to be hemmed for the summer :)

    whiskey is hilarious in your boxing pic!

    1. All my Lulu crops are usually long on me too. But I get them hemmed. I love all the knee length crops they have though, I need to buy some more!

  2. I just finished workout 8 of stage 1 of NROL4W so I'm officially halfway done with stage 1 and I really like it! MY boyfriend's been into bodybuilding for years while I HATE gyms but it's so nice to get in&out so quickly, seriously only took me 20 minutes today but I guess I was only doing 2 sets of 12 for most of the workouts (unless I"m doing something way wrong)

    question for you- did you, uh, gain tons of weight when first starting it? You do waaay more cardio than I (I only do this weight lifting 3x a week and 2-3 hot yoga classes a week [started like 3 months ago]) and I tend to be skinny-fat and I can see some changes in my body already- I have muscles in my shoulders for the first time, ever but I am packing on the pounds when I weigh myself! I think I'm up 5lbs in the last 3 weeks. Do you have any advice? I eat paleo-ish but going to cut out sugar and fruit and maaaybe add some sprint intervals although I'd really rather not

    sorry for the novel, seriously jealous of your cute workout clothes collection! Especially your matching shoes! Do you wear lulu headbands too?

    1. Hmmmm I don't remember gaining weight when I first started this program. Are you building a lot of muscle already? If so, you are lucky! It's so hard for me genetically. I wouldn't worry about the scale as much as how your clothes fit. Sometimes our bodies react to different types of workouts, but it should adjust and go back to normal. Sounds like you are doing well. I don't think it's absolutely necessary to add cardio intervals. I just do it because I like to and I'm kind of obsessed with HIIT. But I know many people can get into great shape without any cardio. I think starting in stage 2 or something, the book does add 5 one-minute interval runs in the end of workout B. Maybe you can try doing it once a week or so and see?

      I try to eat healthy, and I think I pretty much eat paleo-ish too even though I'm not purposefully trying to. But I don't eat any refined carbs or dairy, I eat lots of veggies and protein, etc. from fresh sources. Drink lots of water (3 liters a day), I don't use salt when I cook. And I've been getting my fat intake from coconut oil. I've also been recently looking into the whole acid/alkaline thing so I try to be conscious of that too. But I really don't go crazy restricting myself anymore. I find that when I tried too hard to limit myself before, it just made me crave more and sabotage my efforts in the long run.

      And no, I don't usually wear headbands when I workout. I just put my hair up in a pony tail and it stays! I used to wear headbands when I did a lot of spinning since headbands would catch my sweat from dripping into my eyes. =) But I haven't done any spinning in so long... and I'm not a fan of headbands much. They don't stay well on my head. I'd always have to put bobby pins on both sides of the headband to keep them in place!

    2. thank you! I'm going to start with some HIIT so I can get ready for stage 2


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