Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Easy Spirit Sandals - So Comfy!

During my search for a perfect (comfortable & somewhat cute) pair of flat sandals for my trip, I decided to check out Easy Spirit, which I was told was the "old lady" shoe store.  I figured, hey, old ladies know what's up, and ended up there over the weekend.  I left the store with 2 pairs of sandals on sale.  It turns out they really are super comfortable and perfect for my trip!  I am actually very very happy I decided to check out this store.

These Hajari sandals I bought are actually cute enough to wear casually in town as well.  I wore them while out shopping, and they are so much more comfortable than my flip flops even though it looks like they have an inch heel.

I bought them on sale over the weekend for only $29, which is a great deal.  The material is leather and the quality looks to be very good.  They are super light weight, I honestly think I can wear these all day with no problems.  They also look good enough to wear with shorts or dresses.  I'm super happy with these!

The second pair I bought are the Heron sandals in dark brown, which are also on sale for $29.

According to the sales guy, who was actually extremely helpful, these shoes will be better to walk around all day in than the Hajari sandals because they have more of a cushioned sole.  He told me that there are customers who traveled and walked all day in these and were completely satisfied with them.  So I'm going to take the plunge and believe that.  These are also made of very soft leather, and appear to be made well.  From my try on test, these sandals are indeed very comfortable.  The darker color will make them less prone to dirt, and I think they can also go with most of my dresses or shorts that I'm bringing (I'm almost done packing... seriously on top of things this time!).  

So if both of these sandals will do me well during my 2 week trip, then these sandals will be the best purchases, especially for $60 total!  I was just going to bring some of my running shoes but I am now actually considering only bringing sandals since it will be super hot there.  So at least now I have options!  Shoes are probably the most important things to have when you are out walking around all day, so I am really hoping that these sandals will do the job!

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