Monday, January 17, 2011

No Limit Tank - Aruba!

I went to Lululemon today and got my first No Limit Tank!  I've tried this tank on in store before, but didn't like the outer shell color being black or coal - I'm a colorful girl.  The only time I'd really wanted it was when it came out in white and heathered coal wee stripe bra.  But I swear the minute it hit the store, it was sold out.  I could not find my size anywhere.  But today I went to the store as they were unpacking from their new shipment.  And I found this tank in beautiful aruba color!  I'm glad aruba is back because I loved this color from a few seasons ago, and have Astro Crops in aruba.

I think the aruba color looks brighter in pic than it does in real life

This is such a comfortable tank.  It's got a built in Flow Y bra on the inside, and circle mesh on the outside.  It's very flowy and lightweight.  I do look kind of prego from the side view, but it's so comfortable I will let that go.  From the front I think it's a flattering look.  Plus the roominess in the tummy area will hide any and all flaws and I won't feel self-conscious during awkward twists in yoga.  Great for bloated days!

One thing I noticed is that the band of the Flow Y seems thicker than my other ones.  I haven't bought a Flow Y in quite some time, so maybe this was updated before without my knowledge.  But it seems a wee bit thicker to me.  As a result, I don't show quite as much skin on the side below the armpits in this tank as I remember from trying it on before.  I can't confirm this yet so maybe I'm completely making this up.  But the Flow Y is also lined with circle mesh on the inside - great!  I forgot to ask for cup cookies though.  Oops.

I kind of had my doubts about wearing this tank while running, but I now think it would be great for running during hot days.  I normally run in a Flow Y anyway, so this is no different.  The outer layer will keep me really cool.  It will almost be like running in just a bra!  I can see that it would be great for spin too, and of course yoga and pilates.  Maybe I will be able to wear it as street wear as well.  Today was a great day for this tank to hit the store, as it was in the high 80s - 90s today!  I think this tank will go really fast - for the short 10 minutes I was in the store, they already sold like 3, and lots of other people were showing interest in it.  The girls told me it would probably be gone by the end of day today.  I don't know if that will be the case but think it will be at least in my size anyway.  I got my regular size - 4.  It's always the first size to go here in La La Land.  So I'm glad I went in at the right time and snatched one!

They also told me that another white one will be coming later!  Dang.. I wish it was there today because I would have got both.  But I guess I can just be patient too!  They also had an all black one, and a coal body/purple grape (?) bra.  It was a similar color to the very violet color that was out a while ago, but a little more muted.  It was very cute too with contrasting colors, but I just thought aruba was more unique so that's the one I came home with!


  1. Hello!

    I comment on Luluaddict/mum and thought I'd say hello to you today! I called my AZ lululemon today around noon and they just got their shipment of coal/PC No Limits in, so I headed right to the store and bought my size. The educator told me they already sold half of them while I was on my way!! Crazy...

    I'm not absolutely in love with the coal/PC version.. I would like something with a black outer shell because I have mostly black bottoms.. They probably will get their black No Limits and the white/grey pique ones in tomorrow and I won't be able to get there until 6pm... my size will be gone for sure! Bummer =)

    At least I was able to get one this year!

  2. I was at my store right at opening and there were a few people buying the No Limit. I went back again an hour later and there were lots of people huddled at the tank wall.

    Aruba looks so pretty on you!!

  3. I also bought the Aruba No limit today. My store had the white one too and the Flow Y bra is made from Pique so it was so soft and comfy. I only got the Aruba one because I already have a some from the last two batches. I wore my black one to spin class on Monday and it was great. I think they'll be great for casual/beach wear in the summer.

  4. @LisaLuvsLulu: so you like the ninja look? I have a friend that only wears black (very occasionally white) tops with black bottoms to the gym. It's so funny cuz I'm the complete opposite! I only have 3 black tops and barely ever wear them. I think the coal tank you got would look great with black pants. The bra color will pop too! I also tried that tank on and liked it too. I think it was not as loose fitting as the Aruba one so you look skinnier from the side. Or maybe it's because of the illusion of the darker color. Either way I thought it was very cute and flattering!

    @Lulumum: thanks! I totally saw your pics of the Aruba and white tanks. The white is soooo cute! I can't wait to get that one. I just hope I don't miss out again! The gray pique bra seems awesome too. I tried on a gray pique in stride jacket with white lulu logo on front. It was sooo soft and cute but I'm not in the market for another jacket right now, and don't find the white logo very tempting. So it would be great to get a bra in the material instead! I hope they upload it on Thursday!

  5. @anon: yes definitely be great for the beach! Now I need the white one even more! :)


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