Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Lululemon Dance Strap Tank! In Fruitie Tootie?

I got another Dance Strap tank!!  From ebay of course.  This tank is an old Lululemon style that has not returned in years.  But it's one of my favorites!  I already have 5 of them, so this one is my 6th!  I have them in such beautiful colors too, like gold, and army green, and this graphic print that I'm not sure what it's called.  And my newest addition is such a gorgeous color too.  I'm pretty sure it's fruitie tootie, which is one of my favorite colors from Lululemon ever!  But it could be a different color but very very similar.

This tank is made of lullure, and it fits loosely in the body but not preggo looking like the recent loose fitting tanks Lululemon has made.  I actually think it's a very flattering cut.  It is not very supportive, and is low cut in the front.  So it's best for low impact activities.  Though I have wore it running before without problems (but I don't have a large chest).  But I mostly wear it in the summer as street wear.  I think it's too darn cute to workout in!  The Lulu logos on these tanks are the same color as each tank's color, in a velvet like material.  So it blends in really well and does not come off as athletic wear.  

I would say I am *almost* done collecting this tank in different colors.  I know it also came in mint, which was a very very pale blue, almost white.  I have it in a Tri Y tank and I love the color, and it looks beautiful in the lullure material.  So if I see that tank on ebay I will be sure to bid for it.  I don't know how many other colors this tank was made in, but it was a lot.  And they were all very beautiful colors that no longer exist sadly.

Anyway, I'm going to take this tank out for a spin to my pilates class!!!


  1. I never understood the lulu crazy. But i absolutely love that tank top!

  2. How much did you score it for? Super cute! =)

  3. I paid $36 for it. But I was willing to pay way more than that!


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