Friday, December 2, 2011

Seychelles True Story Boot

I've been looking for boots, lots of boots, in different styles.  But mainly I wanted a pair of flat or really low heeled riding boots, and another pair of slightly higher more dressy boots maybe about 3 inches high.  So I've been looking on different websites, since I am too lazy to go to the mall and actually try shoes on. It is a little challenging to buy shoes online since different brands can fit differently.  And shoes can look very different in pictures than in person!  But I don't mind shipping things back to return once in a while.

So I bought 2 pairs of boots on Gilt a couple weeks ago that I thought fit the bill of what I am looking for.  They were delivered today.  They are both Seychelles, and the first pair is called the True Story boot, which is a riding boot.  I wasn't 100% sure about them when I ordered, but am actually really happy with them!  And they were $129 on Gilt, down from $240.  That's not bad for leather boots at all.

These boots are really soft leather, and they've got a 1 1/4 inch heel.  The shaft is 16 1/2 inches high, with 16 inch circumference.  I think 16 1/2 - 17 1/2 inches is the perfect height for me.  I hate the way 15 inch high boots look on me.  I can do 14 inch because that is like right above the calves, but I think they are considered a short boot.  Anything higher than 18 inches are probably over the knee for me, which is always tough to judge how they will look without trying them on.  These boots have a folded flap, which actually can be worn unfolded and then they become over the knee boots.  Actually not bad looking either.  I like the options of having it either way.

Gilt description said to size down half a size.  I normally wear a size 6 in most brands, but size up to a 7 in boots to be more comfortable.  So I got these in size 6.5 and they fit well.  At first I thought the shaft fit a bit tight, but I tried them on with tights and jeans under and they can fit over everything, so I guess that is great!  

The best thing about these though, is that the zipper in the back can be zipped all the way down past the ball of the heel.  But there is a little elastic piece on the very top to hold the shaft together so they don't completely fall down when unzipped.  But I love being able to unzip so low, because it makes it super easy to fit any pants into them.  If anyone has struggled with fitting jeans inside of pull on boots before, they would appreciate this feature immensely.

I took some pics of them on!  I had just got home from the gym, so I'm still wearing my aruba No Limit tank under my jacket.. and Wunder Groves.  Hehe.

The other pair of Seychelles boots that I bought are definitely going back.  The quality seems good and material feels nice, and the heel height is perfect.  Very comfortable, you can walk in them all day.  But the fit was just not for me.  They were way too tight, and I got them in size 7.  And just a bit too short (they are 16 inches high).  But I am not too crazy about the way they look anyway so I'm not too bummed.

I've never owned any Seychelles boots before.  But they seem pretty cute and the prices even at retail aren't that expensive.  And they come in a cute shoe box with a handle.  So you can hold it like a bag.  And a huge and pretty nice looking dust bag.  That makes storing the boots much better in the summer!

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