Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lululemon Astro Wunder Under in Black Slub Denim

I went to Lululemon today to return my paris pink stuff - both the Swiftly LS and the Turn Around LS.  I just don't think that I'd wear this color that often, and I really really really don't want to deal with potential bleeding issues.  I was going to get the paris pink Energy bra too, but I'd like to wear my white Cool Racerback over it and it might become a pink tank after a sweat session.  So now I won't own any paris pink stuff even though I do like this color.  How sad.  Lululemon really needs to get their quality under control for stuff like this to justify the prices they charge.

So when I was at the store I looked around to see if there was anything I would like to exchange for.  I almost gave up but then I saw the Astro Wunder Unders in Black Slub Denim / Heathered Coal / Black and happily exchanged my Turn Around LS for it.

Detailed look of the denim material

I love my Static Black / Dewberry Astro Wunder Unders.  And I have been looking for another pair to buy that is not black or coal.  I also have a pair of blue denim Wunder Under from a long time ago.  They are stiffer and not as comfortable as luon.  So I was surprised to find today that the new denim material is much nicer.  I actually bought the Static Black ones in a size 6, but I got these in size 4 which is my normal Lululemon size.  The neutral color of these crops will make them go with pretty much any colored top.  I plan to wear them both as workout wear and street wear.  I often wear my black Wunder Grooves with boots out and about, and I think these denim ones will work even better for that.

They are very long on me, as usual.  They hit me at around the same place as they do on the model above.  But I like my crops shorter so I am having them hemmed right now.  About a good 3-4 inches off as I am getting them short enough to lose the logo.

I should get them back some time next week.  Can't wait to wear them!


  1. These have been tempting me! I am in the northeast so I can't justify them at the moment but the denim slub is so cool. I really wanted a pair of these astro wu crops after you posted on here earlier this summer but there wasn't much left for sizes then. Must resist urge to purchase!

  2. I tried these on yesterday and just wasn't a fan of the feeling of the texture of the slub denim. I love the feeling of the pique, but not the slub. So, I went with just regular Astro Wunder crops. I plan on wearing mine with boots as well, LOL.

  3. You will love the slub denim!! I bought a pair of these in the regular WU and wore them almost every day last week. I wear a lot of luxtreme bottoms so this was a refreshing change. I love that the denim still has that compression-like feel, unlike just regular luon bottoms, which I need for bootcamp type activities. I love the slub so much I got a Define in it, too. And the WU pants, which I am going to rock with boots, too!

  4. @Anon 5:51: I think you should definitely get a pair of the Astro Wunder Unders. They are worth the price! Think of it as a Christmas present for yourself. Lol.

    @Becky: Really? I thought it felt pretty good, but denim is definitely not as stretchy as regular luon. I don't have any pique luon stuff but I hear it's amazingly soft.

    @Anon 4:28: I saw the slub denim Definte jacket too and thought it was very cute. But I had to control myself! You are right, the denim luon has more compression than regular. I'm so excited to wear these when I get them back!

  5. I don't have any Defines so I picked up the Black Slub one... question is, what size do you recc getting in your Define? Lulu tops I wear either 4 or 6. The 4 was uber-fitted (plus I have gained 5 lbs holiday weight that I will lose)... so I got the 6 which fits a teeny bit looser now (as in I can wear more than just a tank underneath) but when I lose weight will look a bit roomy. But I love how the fitted Define's look... What to do? What do you think?

  6. Hmmm normally I would say to get the 6 in the Define because it's a form fitting jacket and you don't want it to be too tight. But if the size 6 is already loose and you plan to lose even more weight then I think 4 is the way to go. Plus it will be a motivation to stay thin! Hehehe.

  7. The size 6 fits perfectly- skims the body. The size 4 right now, zipped up, shows every seam of what i'm wearing underneath. Did you stay TTS in your Defines (meaning same size as your tanks)?

    I was leaning towards the 4 (for motivation) since all my other Lulu jackets are a 6 (and sometimes I do wish they were more fitted. (My other jackets being a black Half Moon, black sailor stripe Yogi Dance (also have the white), and the solace in gray. But then when I tried the Define in a 4 it just looked too snug, so I chickened out and got the 6.

    Ughh... i should really lose enough weight to be a solid 4 and just not have these issues!

    So what do you think??? Thanks in advance!

  8. I do get the same size in Define as most tanks I have, which is a 4. It fits pretty snug so I would not consider sizing down. But if you are in between sizes... that sucks!! Do you think realistically you will be able to wear the size 4 without it being super tight? I have made the mistake before of getting something that's smaller than I should wear for "motivation", but then just ended up never wearing it...

  9. Hmm... I could wear the 4... i'm also wondering if after wearing it a few times the fabric will 'give' a little bit and stretch out... I noticed that with my jackets in a 6 i'm pulling down the waists all the time b/c they ride up a little bit... so maybe they are too big?

    I'm sorry your blog got stolen! That just makes me so mad. Definitely have a lawyer friend write out some 'Cease and Desist' letters for you!

    Thank you so much for your blog and your work- I really enjoy it!

  10. Lol you sound like me! I don't think luon really stretches out though, at least not in my opinion. But then again i do not wear any one item often enough to see the effect. I probably wear my luon bottoms the most often, and I don't think any of them have stretched out.

    Well if you get the size 4, you could just wear it with a tank under and you shouldn't have a problem right? That's how I wear my jackets anyway, I never wear long sleeves under them. But of course that depends on where you live! I'm sure you are the best judge at what looks the best on. I do like the fitted look, but if it is too tight and getting pulls, that is not an attractive look to me, and sizing up will actually make you look skinnier. So there is a fine line between fitted and too tight! Tough choice!

  11. Ok, so I went back and got the 4 last night instead. I decided I have enough jackets in a 6 anyway and I need the motivation!

    I don't wear long sleeves under mine either. I'm more likely to layer stuff on top of my Define anyway.

    It's funny, in the store, all the boys thought the 4 was perfect (more fitted = sexier). All the women were like 'size up'! So for once I went with the boy's opinion...

    I was tempted for a minute by the pale gray herringbone once, since the pattern is cool, the stripes are the same color, and it's really soft... but i decided i like the darker color on me.


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