Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Well, this will be a rather different "Sunday Funday" post.  I didn't workout all week so I could heal my back injury from last weekend.  It's gotten better but still kind of hurts.  I couldn't take sitting around anymore and worked out both yesterday and today.  So I actually took pictures of my work outfits everyday of the week in lieu of workout outfits.  And one going out on the town outfit from last night.

I also took lots of pictures of Whiskey!  He got neutered on Tuesday and he was a sad puppy after that.  Plus we had to give him sedative so we could make sure he would stay calm and let his stitches heal.  So this is what he looked like all week, so cute:

Too tired to get up...

What kind of position is this?

Sleeping next to me as I study...

Always laying next to me as I'm getting ready for bed too
Both ears flipped over

After a few days, he got a bit better and his wounds are healing nicely!  So today we got him some treats and he has been keeping himself busy doing this:


Ok, enough dog pictures!  I guess I'm turning into one of those people that keep posting pictures of their pets or their kids!  Oh well.

Now onto the outfits!  I actually took off work on Monday because my back and neck were hurting so bad.  So only 4 work outfits:

Tuesday 2/28:

I wore an Express collared button down dress shirt, with the gray Express V-Neck sweater over.  A rather preppy look I don't sport that often.  And of course Express Wide Waistband Editor pants in dark charcoal.

Wednesday 2/29:

I wore another Express outfit, as usual - a black suit.  I actually bought it as suit separates.  I got the black Wide Waistband Editor pants first, and then the black one-button jacket blazer.  On the inside I am also wearing an Express shirt.  

Thursday 3/1:

Friday 3/2:

Another Express outfit.  The ribbed drape neck sweater in purple shadow (another great color), and... yep you guessed it, the Express Wide Waistband Editor pants in stone.

So starting yesterday, I have workout outfits!  

Saturday 3/2
What I did:  Ran intervals on the treadmill for about 30 minutes, including hills, side shuffle and backwards shuffle.  And then heavy weights for 30 minutes.  After a week of not doing anything, I became so sore from the workout!

One of my friends is moving to New York next week, so last night we went to his goodbye party at the Standard hotel rooftop bar in downtown.  I took a picture of my outfit, which was the BCBG Max Azria Full Needle Knit dress.  This dress comes with its own necklace which I love, but my husband talked me into wearing a different one that his mom gave me.  She gives me a lot of jewelry for holidays or birthdays but I never wear any lol.  I wore some Spanx tights and Ash Orchid boots with it.  And an Express faux-leather jacket that I've had for a few years.  Oh and of course my pink Chanel Medallion Tote.  =)

Sunday 3/3
What I did:  I did my normal Sunday circuit class.  Ran a lot and did lots of different weight stations.  My back almost didn't bother me at all.  But after the class I tried rolling it out with a foam roller and it hurt like a mother effer!!  

What I wore:  My new black Ebb & Flow crop I got yesterday, and currant cool racerback, with Flow Y bra under in heathered coal mini check.  I wore my Adidas adizero adios 2 shoes which match the currant cool racerback exactly.  It is like 90 degrees here today, the Ebb & Flow crop was way too hot for it even inside the air conditioned space.  I should have wore shorts!

And of course Whiskey wouldn't get out of my way so he's sort of in the picture too.  =)

That's all for this week, hopefully I can get back into the gym a little more next week and will have more workout outfits! 


  1. Whiskey is cute!! ;)
    I love your BCBG Max Azria Full Needle Knit dress. Very pretty!!
    You should make us more pictures of your clothes outside of.
    I hope you heal quickly!!

    1. Thanks! I will try but I don't go out much nowadays due to my busy work/gym/study/eat/shower/sleep schedule. Lol.

  2. currant is my favorite color out of all :)

    1. Mine too! I wish I had bought the current Define that I was on the fence about.

  3. Any comments on the Ebb & Flow tank and bra? Will you buy those?

    Love your Whiskey pics! :)

    1. Thanks! As for the Ebb & Flow tank and bra, I am not really crazy about the style and think the price is pretty high. So probably not, though I have not tried them.


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