Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer

A little while ago I was making a purchase at Sephora and qualified for a free product with my points (love Sephora!) and it was the Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer.

As the name implies, this product goes as a base before foundation.  It's a very light weight liquid nude color.  The texture is actually a lot more liquid-like than I thought it would be.  You have to be careful not to squeeze the tube too hard, otherwise a lot of product just comes poring out.  

I kind of have combination skin, so in the afternoon my t-zone starts to shine a little bit.  I was really hoping that the mattifying properties of this product would help reduce that.  According to the product description, it states: "If your symptoms are visible pores, unwanted shine, and an overall makeup meltdown, then Korres has the remedy for you."

Hmmm... I found that this product does very well with regards to minimizing visible pores, but when it comes to minimizing shine, it actually does the opposite!  I used it everyday for a few weeks and got the same results daily so I know it was not a fluke.  My skin actually became shinny by like 10 am as opposed to the afternoon!  But one time I put it on right after washing my face, and discovered that without putting on facial lotion under it, it controls shine much much better.  So maybe that is what you have to do.

But let's talk about the pore minimization - it's pretty great!  It does not actually minimize your pores, of course, rather it fills them so you get the appearance of tighter pores and extremely smooth skin.  But you also can't put too much of this product on.  Because when it dries, it will start to flake off here and there if you keep touching it.  You have to find the happy medium of what amount works, and apply evenly to desired areas before any of it dries.  So you better not get distracted.  I really only put it on around my nose and cheeks, and chin area.

I usually put my Nanoce BB Cream on right after this primer, and my skin does look better.  When I use powder to top off some areas, it looks pretty flawless.

So now I've stopped using it daily.  I will only use it for "special occasions".  I just don't want to have shiny face everyday even if it means my skin looks really poreless.  I do believe in putting on my moisturizer, so I don't want to go without it most days.  I think this product will work well if you are just out for a few hours to dinner or a party or something like that.  Or if you have normally dry skin, then this might be great for you.  For me though, I will probably not repurchase it after my sample runs out.  I think I can find other products that can plug pores as well as control shine.


  1. I would love to hear if anyone has actually found a mattefying primer. Primers I have tried include Nars, Laura Mericer, Stila One Step Correct, Smashbox, and Peter Thomas Roth. I still end up blotting oil all day long. Any product advice out there?

    1. I'd like to know that too! I think the cosmetics industry needs to be regulated. So many products don't do what they are advertised to do!

  2. I also like going to sephora. Could you give us a post up? products that you are using ... it would be cool!


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