Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Express Studio Stretch Wide Waistband Editor Pants

I started buying the Express Studio Stretch Wide Waistband Editor Pants for work a couple years ago.  They have been the only pants I wear to work.  I have like 10 pairs of them, and they've lasted all this time!  Seriously the best investments ever.  I used to hate my work pants and felt that they were so uncomfortable to sit in all day.  But the Express ones are so comfortable and flattering at the same time.  It's weird because I cannot wear their regular Editor pant, only the Wide Waistband Editor pants work for me.

I haven't bought a pair in about a year or longer.  Because I just keep my current ones on rotation and haven't felt the need for more.  They used to only have black, gray, charcoal, and brown.  And I bought every single one.  But since these pants are so popular, they have been making other colors as well.  I remember back in the day I had to buy my pants in size 00, since that's how big they ran.  So a few months ago I bought a pair online in size 0 to be safe, but those turned out to be too tight.  I've since been looking for the same color in size 2 (they sell out extremely fast online and in stores), but was not able to get them until now.  The color is called Cool Earth.  It's kind of between taupe and brown.  Really nice color.

I don't know what it is, but I think they have changed the cut of these pants.  For one, the flare is like an inch wider than my older ones.  I don't like super flare pants, especially when they tend to cover my shoe completely.  But I think this could be because they are about half an inch longer as well, even though it says the inseam is still 31 inches for the regular length.  My old ones are definitely shorter.  So now I would have to get these hemmed.  Even in size 2, these still fit relatively tight around the waist and butt.  But the legs are wider.  It's just not as flattering as the old cut!  

They were having buy one get one 50% off, so I actually bought another color as well, in Stone.  It's like a light tan color.  

The cut is actually more flattering in this color.  Even though the flare is still bigger than my old ones, and about half an inch longer.  For some reason the legs just fit better.  The material feels slightly different.  It's much softer, whereas the Cool Earth color is a bit stiff.  This is the thing I don't like about Express.  It's like hit or miss.  They are not very consistent.  Different colors of the same item can fit and look very differently.  And even though these are supposed to be the exact same pants, you can see that the back pocket on these Stone ones are actually a flap, vs. the Cool Earth pockets. 

Ugh!  I will still keep these, because I need new pants.  But I'm really upset that my perfect work pants no longer exist!  Or perhaps I just need to try out different colors to see which one fits best.  Sigh... I wish they would make the waist and butt looser because I think the size 0 legs would fit me better, but I can't button those up comfortably on top.  Lol.  Perhaps it's my own problem and I should work on toning up my love handle area!

I need to replace my black ones as well, since they are the ones I wear the most and the back hem started fraying a little.  I will make my way to the store one of these days and try on every black pair they have.  Hopefully the cut is still the same in black...


  1. I was inspired by your post and ran out to Express tonight. 30% off plus a coupon for $25 off 100 or $50 off 200. I bought three Editor pants. I got red (not wide waistband), some thick tweed-y black and white pants (not wide waistband) and gray wide waistband. I went with the 0 because I know that through the day, they stretch. However, the waist band gives me muffin top, but I rather have muffin top, than saggy butt. Oh well. I do like them a lot. I also got two elbow-length drape neck tees which will be perfect for work. I spent $160 on three pairs of dress pants and two tops, which makes me realize how expensive lulu is. I couldn't have even bought the lulu outfit that I had on for that much.

  2. P.S. Try these pants. I fell in love with them. They're kind of like Spanx Pants :) They make me feel really skinny. You seem to be
    similar in size to me. I got them in a 2. They're a little more casual than the Editor (more fitted in the butt and thigh), but still tailored looking and definitely flattering.899*

  3. To both of you, are you buying same size as lulu

  4. @Andrea: I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way about the fit of these pants! Size 0 gives me a muffin top too and I hate the feeling of pants digging into my sides, so I had to sacrifice the good fit of the legs in size 0 for the looser waist of size 2. I wish they would go back to the old fit because it was absolutely perfect!!! But yes, I totally agree about Lulu's prices. That's what they call "casual luxury" I suppose. But sounds like you got some great stuff from Express! I love getting their stuff for work since my money goes a long way there and I don't feel bad buying a bunch!

    And I love the look of those pants from the Limited!! I really want to go try them on. Do you take the same size there as Express?

    @Lulu Citron: I am a size 4 at Lulu for most stuff. I think Express definitely runs big, so I'd size down at least 1 size if not 2.

  5. Regarding size, I am a 4 in lulu and a 0 (with muffin top) in Express Editor pants. At The Limited I have only tried size 2, so I don't know if 0 would have fit better. My size 2 Limited Exact Stretch Pants are actually slightly big after wearing them a few times.

    Those Limited Exact Stretch pants are awesome. Go try em!

  6. Lol 0 with muffin top. That is so funny.

    I think I need to go visit the mall after Christmas and try on these pants! I don't even know where the nearest Limited is. Lol.

  7. @Andrea2251
    Would it be possible for you to measure the waist laying flat? I have ordered a 6 bases on the limited size chart and they are toooo big. I am a size 4 sometimes 2 in Lulu. It would be helpful if you could measure them for me since i dont live close from a store!

  8. @lulu citron: Do you mean the Limited Exact Stretch pants? You probably need a 0 if you sometimes wear a 2 in lulu. I always wear a 4 in lulu and my size 2 Limited Exact Stretch Pants are loose (after wearing them a few times). I will measure the waist of the pants at lunch time (I'm at work right now).

  9. @Andrea2251
    I ordered 1 pair of each size so I ll know what is my size. I already have to return the 6 so I ll return what won't fit as well! Thx for your help. And their shipping is so fast even to Canada. I will definitely order from them again in the future!

  10. @lulu citron
    I finally got to measure the waist of the size 2, it's 16" and it's a very low waist (and it's stretched out from wearing them 5 times). Did you get 50% off? The Limited is having 50% off everrything from 5:00 tonight until midnight (in whatever time zone you are, I guess)

  11. @andrea2251
    With 1 of each i'll be set on my size for next time. Their size chart is so wrong. yes i got the 50%. that will covered for shipping which is $20 to canada per order!

    I also ordered the express pants on dec 17, and they havent ship yet... i called their customer services today and they say they werent sure of my address but they havent contact me about it!!!!

  12. Ok I decided to join the pants party and ordered these pants from the Limited too!!! 50% off is awesome. I went ahead and ordered 4 different pairs, including the exact stretch boot cut, flare, and these Cassidy pants

    I ordered in both size 0 and 2 as well. I figure I can keep what I like and return the rest. Yay! Can't wait to get them. =)

  13. OMG, so much pressure. I hope you guys love your pants!! I fought the urge to order them in a 0 last night during the "frenzy" sale

  14. Let me know how the Cassidy pants fit. I did try the Exact Stretch in the flare and didn't think they were as flattering as the boot cut. I also have a pair of the slim fit Exact Stretch which I love because they're short and look super cute.

    Report back guys!

  15. I could only get the boot cut pants in size 0 because they only had 0 and 14 left by the time I ordered. So I got the size 2 in the flare pants. We'll see!!! It was such a good deal at 50% off! That's like.... 30 bucks a pair? I couldn't help myself. I'll definitely be writing a post about them when I receive them!


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