Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Well it's this time of the week again!  I began to finally feel like my old self with my back pain going away.  Not completely yet, but definitely better.  I went to see my doctor about it on Monday, he pretty much said it will just take time since it's a muscle injury, not bone.  There's not even a point in taking x-ray.  He told me to just stretch and put mild heat on it.  So after the doc appointment, I figured hey, what better way to get stretch and heat in at the same time than hot yoga???  I haven't been to hot yoga forever! Not any kind of yoga actually.  And I miss it.  So I went back to CorePower and promptly bought myself a new package so it will motivate me to go back more often.

Monday 3/12
What I did:  Hot yoga, duh.

What I wore:  Lululemon Practice Freely tank in lavender dusk, with my gray Ebb & Flow crops.  I was a little afraid that the light color of the crops would show sweat stain as well as my butt while doing hot yoga, but it was ok.  I did sweat a lot, but the crops did not show sweat at all.  I actually really really liked them for hot yoga because they are so stretchy and absorbed sweat well.  As to mooning everyone behind me, well no one said anything to me!  Hehe.  I guess when you are in downward dog, the people behind you would actually be looking the opposite direction anyways.

This picture was actually taken right after the class.  Both crops and tank did not show any sweat.  But trust me I was dripping wet!

I also have a work outfit for Monday.  It was actually the only day I took a work outfit photo.  I guess I kind of just forgot to do it the rest of the week.  =(

I wore my DEPT knit dress and my Ash Orchid boot:

Tuesday - Thursday:  I took all 3 days off!  I was pretty sore after the yoga class.  It's so weird how that happens, since I do lift weights and workout quite often.  You wouldn't think I'd be that sore.  But yoga just gets me in different areas!  I also found out how inflexible I am now compared to when I did yoga regularly.  

Friday 3/16:
What I did:  I did a hard heavy weight training class, with treadmill sprints in between weight sets.  It was a killer.

What I wore:  Lululemon No Limit tank in white, and my new CW-X Pro Crop and Adidas adizero adios 2 shoes.  It was awesome.

It was a cold day, so I put on my coal Dance Studio Pants over.  And wore my Lift Your Spirits Jacket which I love.

Saturday 3/17
What I did:  Whole body weight training as well as 30 minutes of running.

What I wore:  I totally forgot to wear green!!!  I wore my pink Tri Y tank with black Ebb & Flow crops and New Balance Minimus Road shoes.

It was really cold so I wore my white Swiftly LS over the tank, thinking that I'd wear it through the whole workout, but I got hot after running for like 10 minutes and took it off.

It was raining, so I put my senorita pink Inspire Jacket on as to/from.  I heart this jacket so much.

Sunday 3/18
What I did:  Circuit training class with different cardio and weights stations.  Basically a whole body weight training class with 1 minute sprints in between.

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in wish blue, and Empower crop in coal/passion, with my Adidas shoes again.

As to and from, I put on my bold blue Run Brisk pullover.  Why are bold blue and wish blue 2 different colors?  They are so similar!  I love this pullover though.  It's one of a few Lululemon items I own that I will not sell for any price.  Most of the other things I own I can be persuaded into parting with for the right price... hahaha.

So you may be wondering why Whiskey did not follow me around and sit on my foot while I took most of these pictures.  Well, he's been such a lazy puppy!  He doesn't even give his full effort when playing tug of war.  And forget about playing fetch, he just looks at it and lays down.  When we take him out to pee, he pees and immediately drags us back in.  I tried going running with him on like Thursday and he literally dragged me back inside.  What the heck?  And what is he doing right now as I'm typing this?  Sleeping!  And snoring!  

This is what he looked like all week, I think he was sleeping more than he was awake:

What a good life.

After seeing this collage, my husband said "wow, what are you gonna do when you have a kid?".  Whatever, Whiskey is so cute!  

Oh this one was kind of funny, he was chewing his bone and decided to use my husband's baseball cap as his bone holder... LOL!

Ok enough about the lazy puppy.  I do have a couple more outfits to share from readers that sent in pictures.  First one is from the same person as the layered swiftly outfit.  This one is the same short sleeve white/ultraviolet swiftly paired with violaceous Groovy Run shorts, which is pretty much identical to ultraviolet.  She also wore her swiftly arm warmer and ultraviolet running cuff.  She says she runs with her dog and uses the cuff to "store a couple of  poop bags, my key and a bit of money. I store dog treats in the two front pockets of my running shorts, and my ipod in the back zipper pocket. And with that I'm fully loaded!"  That's a pretty good amount of stuff to store and I can't even see any of it!  I love getting ideas of where to store things when running with dogs.  I may need to buy the cuffs too.  And then get my lazy puppy up and running!

Here are 2 other OOTD photos from another reader.  First one is the Run Distance pullover in pigment blue, with gray wunder under crops.  I actually tried on these crops in store and almost bought them.  I remember how soft they were!

And the second picture, she is wearing the gray Fireside jacket with bold blue/wish blue (?) Wunder Under crops.  Basically reverse the colors of photo #1.  Super cute!  I like colorful bottoms but I haven't collected enough courage to own any lol.

Thanks for sharing the photos!  


  1. No Whiskey in front of foot again?!! Ok... cute photos came later! :) Well, he seems to be in a different state of mind this week... think he's got spring fever? ;)

    Thanks for letting us know that Ebb&Flow and Practice Freely work well in hot yoga. I bought that set after seeing your pics but was afraid to wear them to hot yoga!! Now I know they're hot yoga safe; thanks! : ) Happy sunday!

    1. Hahaha I don't know what's wrong with him. He's a little weirdo. Albeit a cute one lol.

      That's cool that you got the whole outfit! I love both... I find the sheer luon jersey material in tanks like tje Practice Freely to be the best for hot yoga. It dries much quicker than circle mesh on the No Limit tank that I thought would be great.

  2. Seeing this l/s white swiftly on you makes me want it. I've been eyeing it for awhile now. I love white! What is your experience with white lulu? Does it yellow? I usually self tan until Spring so I would have to forgo that. Hmm. You had mentioned before that you ordered a 4 by accident right? I'm between a 4 and 6 myself. Not sure what size to buy. I'm a 32 C, 28 waist, 35 hip. Thoughts?
    P.S. Glad your back is finally starting to feel better. You remind me a lot of myself when it comes to your workout passion (and love for lulu, of course!) It's so hard to take a break when you get injured, I know!
    P.P.S. Whiskey is adorable!

    1. I think you NEED the white swiftly!! Hahaha. But seriously I do think it's a Lulu staple. For some reason it's just so freaking cute no matter what you wear with it. I think you could definitely wear the 4... Unless you prefer a loose fit then go with 6. I've tried 6 before and find the difference is mostly in the stomach area. Arms are pretty similar. I like a more form fitting look to the swiftlys so I'm glad I ended up with 4.

      I only have like 3 white tanks and one pullover from lulu. The tanks never yellowed after many wear over the past few years. But the inner sleeves on the white pullover kind of became dirty and I was never able to wash it as white as it used to be. I don't know if the swiftly would do that as well or only luon material. But I still think its worth taking the chance! :)

    2. You're right, I DO need the white swiftly!! LOL! May I ask what your waist size is? I like tops to be form fitting as well but not to the point of it accentuating any tummy I may have (especially on my bloated days) :S I don't live by a store and hate having to pay $15 to send the wrong size back. If we are somewhat similar in size, I want my swiftly to fit like yours does, so it'll help me decide before, God forbid, it sells out. Thanks for your help :D

    3. We sound very similar. It's been a while since I did my last measurement but I dont think I've changed much and my clothes fit the same - I'm about 34/27/35. I think size 4 will fit you nicely!

    4. I ordered the 4. Apparantly there were only ten size 4's left in their inventory when I ordered mine. Phew! Too close for comfort. Thanks again!
      P.S. Did you snag yourself a new dance strap tank? The dazzling and UV colors are beautiful!

    5. Awesome, I'm sure you will like the white swiftly! I was on the fence about it when I bought it. Did not expect to like it as much as I do.

      I did see the dance strap tanks but orange is not my color and I don't really like the black contrast straps on ultraviolet. I think I'll hold out for a color I love!

  3. Ok, first of all, I really really enjoyed looking at Whiskey's pictures! His poses and he sleeping on his back reminded me of my own dog. So funny when they have all four paws up in the air. And then it's so sweet how you tucked him in under that blanket and on the couch!
    Tell your husband whiskey is the only baby for now, and when you get a real one, he'll be a big brother and escort him to the bus stop and back hehe

    Second of all, the white swiftly looks really awesome on you! If I didn't already owe it, I would order it immediately. For those of you who are still debating whether to get one, waste no more time and get one ASAP. It'll be a staple on your lulu wardrobe.

    Third, the work outfit of Monday is fabulous and I can hardly believe how much you paid for it!

    And the señorita Pink rain jacket pairs so well with the white swiftly. Too bad I "discovered" lululemon just after this beautiful pink had been released. Let me know when you're planning on putting it up for sale on ebay. I think we wear the same size LOL

    1. Hahaha when I feel like putting it up for sale I'll let you know! Doesn't seem like a remote possibility as of now though. I love this jacket!!


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