Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sue Wong Satin Applique Cap Sleeve Sheath Dress

I ordered this gorgeous Sue Wong dress from Hautelook like a month ago and finally it arrived today!  Such a long wait.  It was totally a splurge at almost $200 after taxes and shipping, because it's way fancier than any occasion I have coming up.  I was kind of hoping that I wouldn't like it on me so I could return it!  But dang... it's really cute!  And it fits like a glove - I ordered size 6.  I have kind of a broad chest for my frame so a lot of times I can zip dresses all the way from the hips through the waist, but get stuck at around the boobs.  And it's not because I have big boobs.  Sigh... so sometimes I find that sizing up in dresses fits my chest well but loose elsewhere.  So I'm really glad that this one fits well all over!  No alterations needed!

These shoes are not ideal with this dress, they were just close by so I grabbed them.  This dress will probably look great with nude colored pumps.

So here are screen shots I took from Hautelook when I bought this dress.  It's like 2 inches shorter on the model... lol

I love the back of the dress:

There is built in bra cups on this dress, same as all Sue Wong dresses which I love.  So you don't have to wear a bra under it and you don't have to worry about bra straps showing through the mesh on the back.

Here are some close up shots:

So I feel like this dress would be appropriate for something fancy like an Indian wedding.  I only have one Indian friend though, and she is actually half Indian half white.  She should be getting married soon but she doesn't want an Indian wedding.  I will try to convince her to have one anyway lol.  

Ok just kidding........ maybe..?  

It probably also could work for a regular wedding, I would just be a really dressed up guest!  Can't wait to find something to wear this to.  =)


  1. i LOVE this dress on you! I'm glad you decided to "splurge" on it, so pretty!!!

  2. What a beautiful dress, and it looks amazing on you!

  3. Thanks you guys!! I really want to wear it... As soon as I find an excuse to! Maybe I'll make my hubby take me out to a super fancy dinner. Hahahaha.

  4. This dress looks better on you than the model!

  5. Gorgeous dress! It looks better on you than the model. You will be able to wear it for years! Good choice.

  6. Ummm, I would totally wear that to a wedding. If you want to dress it down, just get a shawl in a more muted color to wear over it.

  7. hi..i think we are about the same built,,i would like to know your dress size in sue wong..coz i'm also planning of buying another kind of sue wong dress from nordstrom..i'm not sure which dress size to buy...i hope you could help me..i'm torn between size 6 and 8.hope you could help me decide..thanks

    1. I am wearing a size 6 here. But it's kind of loose in all areas except the chest. Size 4 is too tight in the chest. So I guess I'm like a size 5 there... too bad they don't make that! :) If you have a larger chest, definitely go with the larger size. You could always get it taken in in other areas.


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