Saturday, December 4, 2010

Freedom at Last!!! And More Express Sweaters!

My CFA test is finally over!!  Geez, 4 months of studying all boils down to one day.  One long day!  It was total 6 hours with 2 hours break in the middle.  I am really glad it's over, and now just hoping that I passed!  I won't know for about 2 months.  But even still, I can't even imagine having to do this 2 more times for Levels 2 and 3.  Yikes.  No wonder they compare this to a graduate level course.

Anyway, so now I can finally catch up on my favorites shows like Fringe and Gossip Girl which have been recording all season but I haven't had time to watch.  Maybe I will even go watch Harry Potter tomorrow!  And SHOP!  So nice to have freedom to do whatever...

Last week I did take a couple minutes off from crazy mock tests and such, to buy 2 more Express V-Neck Sweaters in artillary (army green color) and heather gray.  I love these sweaters for work.  They are the perfect fit and perfect thickness.  That's why I now have 4 of them!  I love these new colors too.  Always good to have earthy tones for work.


  1. I have some of these sweaters for work too, but I haven't bought any new ones in a while. How do you layer them? I usually wear a cami with lace trim underneath.

  2. Thanks Lisa!! I also wear mine with a cami underneath. It's way too low cut for me otherwise. I don't match my cami colors to the sweaters though. I really only have like white, off white, black and gray. They go with everything. I love these - so cute!


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