Monday, April 14, 2014

Second Pair of Ivivva Rhythmic Space Dye Crop!

I grabbed a second pair of the Ivivva Rhythmic space dye crop last week!  I am pretty happy with the pow pink light / flash light / creamsicle pop ones I got so I got the new ones in spry blue / faded zap / silver spoon when I saw them getting uploaded.  They are super pretty!

Aren't they pretty??  The last pair of Ivivva crops I got, I got in size 10 since that was the only size left when I ordered.  But this time I went to a size 12.  I think the 10 fit ok, but when I try to do squats in them, I feel like the fabric stretches a bit much in the badonkadonk lol.  It makes me a little nervous.  The size 12 ones definitely have a little more room so I think I like this size better!

In person, this space dye looks more blue to me than online, which gives them more of a teal tone.

I love these!  I think this space dye combo is gorgeous in this one.  It's also great for spring!  I think I have many different tops that would go with these as well.  Can't wait to try out all the possible combos!  Ivivva has some great alternatives to Lululemon - I think the $48 price is very reasonable for the Rhythmic Crop, which are like Lululemon's wunder under crops that cost 30 bucks more!

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  1. Love those on you! When does Ivivva do their uploads? Wish I'd have grabbed a pair. If I'm a 6 in lulu, do you think I'd take a 14 in Ivivva?

    1. Thanks! Yes I think 14 would fit like a 6. I'm actually not sure when they upload. I happened to check on Wednesday night and they had it in full size stock. So I'm guessing that's when they do it!


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