Friday, November 1, 2013

Sorel Joan of Arc Boot!

I finally got the Sorel Joan of Arc Boot!  I've been wanting them for like a year!  Hahaha!  I first saw them at Nordstrom when they first came out last winter and thought they were adorable!  But they are snow boots and I live in LA (where it was 80 degrees today on the first of November) lol.  Then I saw them on a lady here while out shopping and I thought... maybe I should get them too??  But I got another pair of Sorel boots for real cheap from Ruelala, the Sila boot, and they were the most amazing thing for my vacation to China.  I was freezing but my feet were always toasty warm in those boots.  So I really like this brand.  I gave those to my grandma though.  But when I saw that the Joan of Arc boots were on sale last week for 50% off (only $75 now!), I just couldn't resist grabbing them!  It's like it's meant to be!

The color I got is "taffy".  For some reason, the yellow and red combo really spoke to me when I first saw them last year and I couldn't get it off of my mind.  I actually bought 2 pairs in 2 different sizes.  I read some reviews that said to size down a whole size, and some reviews said true to size.  Quite a difference!  So I figured I'd just get 2 sizes and return the ones that don't fit.  I normally wear size 6 or 6.5.  I got them in a size 5 and a size 6, because size 6.5 was sold out.

I don't have any shoes in size 5, so I totally didn't think I could even get my foot through the calf section of the boot.  But they arrived today and I actually can wear the size 5 without any problems!!  But size 6 feels pretty similar as well, with a bit more room in the calves and the toes.  There really isn't a big difference between the 2 sizes at all.  The most important thing is that they are both super cute!  Here are the size 5s on me... I am wearing my Lululemon Don't Hurry Be Happy pullover because I just can't think of a cozier outfit!

I heart winter wear... I swear I should move to a colder climate.  But I also freeze really easily lol.

Here are some closer up pics of the boots!  I love them!

They are totally water proof too, and the inside fur liner is removable and totally warm.  I am going to Seattle next weekend, I wonder if I can wear them in the rain???  I just checked the weather there right now and it's like 45 degrees high and raining.  Eek!  I'd be worried about the fur getting wet in the rain...

Oh and here's the size 5 and size 6 comparison.  Both left foot.  The one on the left of this photo is size 5 and on the right is size 6.  I lined them up carefully on the back.  As you can see... they look almost exactly the same.  But the size 5 looks like it has a slightly more pointy front than the 6.

I think I might keep the size 5 pair simply because I like the fur better on that one.  But I'll try them on back and forth for a few times before finally deciding.  I am definitely keeping one pair though!

I think $75 is a great deal for these boots!  Maybe I'll move to a colder place at some point, who knows!  It's better to be prepared just in case!  :D  I could always go up to the snow for fun this winter!

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  1. That's a perfect outfit for our weather in Minnesota. I love it.

  2. Thanks for posting these! I just saw your post today and was able to order the last sz 5 in the Hawk. I live in PA so these will come in very handy!

  3. Where did you find them 50% off?


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