Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Look What I Bought Back!!

Sometimes one buys something and returns it.  Then regrets it big time later and looks everywhere to find it and buy it back.  Yep, that totally happens to me!  I bought the It's A Cinch Dress in concord grape jacquard mesh when it came out in April 2012, and returned it because I thought it was too expensive ($88) to justify keeping.  Well.... I've been looking for it everywhere and finally found it on ebay!  It was $55 buy it now, so I just did it.  It's not that cheap and for the mere $35ish difference, I would have much preferred to have had the original one this whole time.  Lol.  But hey... it is what it is.  It doesn't pop up very often at all, so I had to do it!  So glad because I lurve it!  :P

I think I could play tennis in this dress, but I haven't played in forever!  And I would most likely just use it as a summer dress or something.  I like the color a lot and jacquard mesh is gorgeous.  I think since it's got a sporty look, it works with wedge sneakers!  So I am wearing my Zigi Kickin sneakers here.

Yay!!!  Too bad it's too cold now for this dress.  I'll have to stash it away for a few months.

I also got 2 more things on ebay!  The awesome Run Brisk LS in black for only like $30 bucks and another pair of Strength and Tone short in porcelain, I think for $20?!  Lol, super cheap.

I think the Run Brisk came out too long ago for most people to have heard of it now.  It's one of my all time favorite Lululemon pullovers.  I think it came out at the end of 2009.  I bought the bold blue one, and I will never ever sell it.  I really appreciate the simple design.  The cut is very flattering, and the running luon fabric is very soft.  I could not pass on a $30 buy it now to own it in black as well.  It also came out in senorita pink and faded zap.

The Strength and Tone short I got are in porcelain, I believe, and came out in 2012.  They were actually listed as 4/6 but they are definitely a size 6.  But that's ok, because the black ones I have in size 4 definitely fit on the small side.  I love these shorts as chill at home shorts, so looser fitting is fine by me.

Here are some closer up shots of both items.  The top is my normal size - 4.

You can't really tell in the photo, but both side of the body are circle mesh panels, and there is a side pocket on the lower left.


The ruching on the upper back adds just the right amount of feminine touch:

Love that you can fold down the tie of these shorts, and there are pockets!

So, another wishlist item found!  Now I can be really thankful tomorrow lol.  I am going to start driving up north for the Thanksgiving weekend in a little bit.  I know I will eat a lot of yummy food, so I'm for sure packing gym clothes (I'm a last minute packer) and hope I can fit in at least one workout!  I had a super busy day at work today so I didn't even get to leave early, and did not make it to the gym as I had planned.  But hey... maybe shopping on Black Friday will be my workout!  Hehehe!

I hope all my American readers have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!  Be safe, and happy shopping!!  :D

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  1. I have the same dress and love it. $88 is expensive, but I've worn it so many times.

    1. Yeah, I should have kept it the first time around! Oh well, at least I got it back... hehe. :)


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