Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tahari Arthur S. Levine Sara Skirt

During the last Sunday Funday, I posted a photo of my new skirt, the Tahari Arthur S. Levine Sara Skirt that I just received from ideeli.  I hadn't had a chance to write about it yet, so that's what I'm doing now!

Here is the picture, to refresh your memory:

And here are the pictures from ideeli:

The color is actually navy, but I think it looks more like a dark gray/charcoal in person as well as in these photos.  I mean I can kind of see a hint of navy.  But if you didn't know that, you would just think it was gray.  

I really like the back of the skirt - it adds a cute detail.  I got it in size 2, which I was debating over between the size 4.  I'm glad I got the 2 because it fits!  The material is quite nice.  It's got stretch to it, and does not wrinkle.  I think the fit is nice too, it's form fitting through the waist and hips but not too tight.  Though the hips kind of ride up a little if I sit or walk for a while.  So I just pull it down.  I think this happens with most form fitting pencil skirts though.  The waist goes up to my natural waist, and by the end of the day I felt like it was digging into my skin a little since I sit pretty much all day.  Not the best case scenario, but I could live with it since it's so cute!  Other than that I really do love everything about it.  The color is nice, the length is perfect, etc.  Especially since I only paid like 30 bucks for it including shipping!


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