Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alternative Apparel Stuff

I recently bought some Alternative Apparel stuff from Ruelala that I thought were pretty cute and cheap.  I actually got 2 things for my hubby and one for myself.  That's a first... I usually mostly shop for me and maybe throw in a bone for him sometimes... LOL!

So my package arrived today and I'm actually really happy with my purchases!  I didn't have high expectations for them since they were so cheap.  But me likie.

For myself, I just got this cute white burnout tank, it was only $15.  I would have bought a size S but they were sold out so I got a size M.  It fits a little baggy, but I think it's fine for this style.  I really like the white burn out look.  I think I could wear this tank to workout in, and it will look awesome with a super colorful bra under!  Hmm... maybe I should have bought a paris pink bra from Lululemon... but then again I don't want my white tank to turn pink.

So yeah, it's a simple little tank, with some buttons on the front.  The length is pretty good.  I could get good use out of it for sure!  

For my hubby, I got 2 hoodies for only $19 each.  They are awesome!  The brown one is fleece on the inside so it's super soft.  And the blue one is thick cotton, it's pretty warm.  And the blue color is gorgeous.  He likes his hoodies to fit loose but not baggy.  I got him both size M and they fit perfectly.  Sweet, 3 things for like 50 bucks!  I'm pretty jealous of these 2 actually.  If he gets tired of them, especially the brown one, I can wear it around the house and be pretty happy!


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