Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Funday is Back!

I know many of you like my "Sunday Funday" posts and have been asking me about them.  I'm sorry that I stopped doing them when I got extremely busy with my wedding and honeymoon.  But now that I've been back home for like a month, it's about time to restart these posts!

I only worked out for 3 days this week, because it was so windy!  I know it sounds stupid, but seriously it was really really bad.  In fact, in the Pasadena area the wind was over 100mph, and it ripped up buildings and trees.  And millions of people lost power.  Many of them still don't have electricity back, it's been almost a week.  My photographer's studio is over there, which means he has not been able to work on my wedding photos!!!  Haha.  It wasn't quite as bad where I live, and we did not lose electricity.  But it was so damn windy that I did not want to go to the gym!

Here's a Shell gas station in Pasadena on Thursday morning...

Ick.  Glad I don't live in that area!

So anyway, the only days I worked out are Friday, yesterday and today!  But today I worked out really hard for 2 hours so it kind of made up for it.  =)

Friday, 12/2
What I did:  Went to the gym and ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes, including sprint intervals, hills, and sideways and backwards.  It was pretty hard.  Then I did weights for like an hour and tried to hit all the different muscle groups.

What I wore:  Lululemon No Limit tank in aruba, and Wunder Grooves.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture without my jacket on... 

Saturday 12/3
What I did:  I went to Pilates Plus and took a pilates class.  It had been a while since I did pilates.

Sunday, 12/4
What I did:  Frist I did an hour of circuit class, with tons of different stations.  With sprinting on the treadmill in between.  And ended with dynamic mode on the treadmill which is when you push it with your own weight.  It's such a killer.  Then the next hour, I ran intervals on the treadmill for 15 minutes, then heavy weights for 15 minutes, then running hills for 15 minutes, and then back to doing heavy weights for 15 minutes.  I was pretty wiped out after these workouts.  But I feel slightly better that I only worked out 3 times this week.

What I wore:  Lululemon Push Ur Limits tank in Wish Blue Multi Poncho Stripe.  I honestly think this is one of the prettiest tanks Lululemon has ever made.  And I wore my groove pants.  I wore my Angel Blue Define Jacket as to/from, which I also think is one of the prettiest colors of Define jackets.  It's my only Define jacket actually.

Ahhh I think I will sleep well tonight.  And workout harder next week!  =)


  1. Thanks for posting the pic of the currant crb!! It looks great on you, I love the workout outfits you put together

  2. i LOVE LOVE love love love it all! lol I went and bought the currant CRB this weekend. And my friend bought it too. It's AHdorable. And so are your new boots!

  3. Thanks!! I love currant!! I am tempted to buy the currant Define jacket...

  4. So am i! Gosh it's taken them so long for a true red...
    I just wish it was even darker red. :)

  5. Yes, a dark apple red define jacket would have had me in a second.


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