Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hampton Popcorn - One of the Reasons I've Been Fat This Holiday Season

I've been seriously indulging this holiday season, with all kinds of yummy food.  Aside from my mom's cooking which is always my favorite, I have been obsessed with this Hampton flavored popcorn I bought on Gilt Taste.  First, I bought the 1 gallon tin of peanut butter cup popcorn for $24 (there is also a 3.5 gallon for almost $70):

Omg, it is divine.  There are real pieces of peanut butter cups in it.  Everyone who's tried it loved it, and the 1 gallon tin went really really fast.  I'm talking like a couple days.  I think I'm guilty for eating half of it.

Then I decided, hey, why not get the Cookie and Cream flavor too!

This one actually just arrived today.  I should have totally not ordered it.  I don't know what I was thinking at the time.  But alas, it is here now and I busted it open to have a taste tonight.  It is very good as well, with real cookie & cream pieces in it.  I think if I had to choose one, I would still go with the peanut butter cup as my favorite though.  But they are both really really good so it's completely personal preference.  My new tin is a baby blue and white stripes.  So cute.  I'm totally keeping the tins.  I don't know what for, but I think I can use them to put presents in.

Once you start to eat these, it is so hard to stop!  I think I should bring it to work and make my coworkers fat too.  Woah, I spent $50 on popcorn to make myself fat.  Not the smartest thing I've ever done!  Hehe.


  1. Wow that looks deadly and yummy. Since I don't have control, I'll probably avoid purchasing it. Now let's see how long that will last ... :)

  2. haha i just did a post on foods id 'go fat for' and i think that first one makes the list!

  3. Aww cute post idea! It really does taste amazing... but then I remember the old saying of "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". Lol. Judging by your profile pic, you could afford to splurge! I am jealous... sigh... I feel like these things instantly make me bloat.


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