Thursday, December 29, 2011

Work Pants from The Limited

I ordered 4 pairs of pants from The Limited last week since everything was 50% off and reader Angela tipped me off about them.  I actually meant to go to the store and try their pants on in person but since the sale was only one day and I didn't have time to go to the store that day, I resorted to ordering online.  I got 4 pairs so I could compare different styles and sizes, and I knew I would not end up keeping all 4 pairs.

So I ordered one pair of the Exact Stretch Bootcut Pant in Modern Black, which is actually black with very subtle pin stripe.

Well, I guess I can't really speak for these pants since they only had a size 0 which I ordered and I think it's just a little too tight, I had to suck in a little bit to button up lol.  These are definitely a lower rise than the other 3 pairs.  And of course they are boot cut so the bottom does not flare out like most of my work pants.  I kinda like that.  Too bad I couldn't get the correct size to try.

So I ordered the Exact Stretch Classic Flare pant as well, in 2 different colors - black and khaki, both in size 2.  I figured that they would probably be the same fit as the bootcut version, with a wider leg opening.  But they actually have a higher rise as well.  The material is the same though.  

Speaking of the material, I am not sure how I feel about it.  It's definitely thinner than my Express Editor pants, and it has a more polyester feel to it.  The Express Editor pants are cottony and very soft.    And I think they drape better because the material is heavier.  And they are always wrinkle free, which I love since I sit at work all day and hate seeing wrinkles in my clothes.  I'm not sure if the Exact Stretch material wrinkles or not, but it doesn't sit as smoothly and I see some wrinkles from being folded in the shipping box.  They are stretchy though, that's for sure.  It's kind of like a hybrid of stretchy yoga pants and work pants.

Here's a comparison photo I took of myself in both the Exact Stretch pants vs. the Editor pants.  I should mention that they are exactly the same inseam, 33 inches:

Exact Stretch pants - tighter fitting in the legs but bottom does not drape as well

Express Wide Waistband Editor pants - smoother fit

Maybe it's easier to see the wrinkles in the Exact Stretch pants in khaki:

I actually really don't like how they look on me in the khaki color.  Black tends to camouflage wrinkles better.  So these are definitely going back.

The last pair that I bought are actually my favorite pair.  They are the Cassidy Pieced Waist Flare pant.  They are this navy textured material, which is pretty cool and different.

This material is different from the Exact Stretch.  It's also very thin, but it feels almost like linen.  I hope they don't wrinkle like linen though.  But based on how they look out of the box, I think they are ok.  They may wrinkle a little bit but not much.  I hope that's the case, otherwise I'll be really disappointed.  They are very comfortable on.  I also ordered these in size 2, and I think it's a good fit.  The leg fits a little bit looser than the Exact Stretch pants.

Here they are on me:

So I am glad I found one pair of pants that worked for me, as the prices were very good with 50% off.  That's like 35 bucks a pair which is a great deal.  I was hoping to keep 2 pairs, but what can you do.  I guess the others just don't work for me as well.  It is what it is!  I'll have to test these out, and then think about getting them in other colors if they do well for me!


  1. That's too bad that you didn't love the Exact Stretch pant. I do think the pants your wearing in photo #1 look great on you, though. I agree that the Cassidy pants look really good, too. I'm going to see if they're on sale and order them if they are! I wonder what lulu citron thought of them?

  2. I like the limited exact stretch pant but didn't order the right size. I will definitely reorder them when they will be on sale again. I also ordered the Exact Stretch Classic Flare pant, and like them too. At least, I know my size for next time!

    I didnt receive the Express pant yet, and they havent ship either. I called their customer services department many times...

    @mysuperficial I think both black pants and the cassidy fit good on you.

  3. The Limited is having 50% off all pants right now, so you guys can make your orders now!!

    I guess I just don't like the Exact Stretch material as much on me as my Express pants. The Cassidy pants are super comfy though, and they run bigger. I think I could have gone with a size 0 in those. But whatevs, I'm not sure if they will shrink when I wash them for the first time.

    @Lulu Citron: That is so weird about your Express order! I've ordered from them many times and they've always been good. That's strange that their customer services department can't help you! I hope you get it sorted out soon... maybe you can try canceling that order and place a new one?

  4. There was a difference between my billing address and credit card registered address but they didnt call or email me about it... The difference was St. (street) in my address. @#$%?&

    And by the time I called their customer services department they sold my pair to someone else. So I have to wait they receive some more!

    I could have cancelled but I really want the necklace I ordered with it so I decided to wait for it.


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