Monday, May 23, 2011

Marilyn T-Twin Turbo Tuxedo Pro and Flatter Me Paddle Hair Brush

So I am back in action - can't believe I was sick for so long!  I actually still have a little sniffles, this was a really bad cold!  But anyway, I wanted to write about my new brush with the longest name in the world - Marilyn T-Twin Turbo Tuxedo Pro and Flatter Me Paddle Hair Brush.

I used to lose a lot of hair brushes at the gym when I would workout and shower there before work.  But since I stopped doing that, I have also stopped losing hair brushes.  As a result, I've tried a lot of brushes, mostly Marilyn brushes because I really liked the first one I tried and have stuck with the brand.  But since I lost my last Marilyn brush, I actually have been using the Phillips Monstervent Brush.  It's huge, and gives more volume to my straight hair.  Then when I was in some beauty store in West Hollywood a couple weeks ago, I saw this hybrid ergonomic Marilyn brush and was very intrigued by it.  So I brought it home.

I always like boar bristles on my brush for blow drying, but boar bristles are actually not very good at combing through the hair.  So I liked that this brush can do both.  It's also very very light weight, and it's got the "knife" grip which reduces chances of carpel tunnel.  Compared to my big Phillips brush I have currently, it's a pretty big difference because the barrel is much smaller and I can't grab as much hair at a time.  But that is of course to be expected.  It also takes a little getting used to to figure out how to hold it so that the right side of the brush is being used.  But overall I really like this brush!

I think that Marilyn brushes are made with superior quality.  The bristles are also heat protected so that they don't burn under the heat from the blow dryer - I've had that happen before.  It's also such a light and skinny brush that it will be very good for traveling.  It's an all-in-one kind of thing where you can use one side to brush through hair after showering, and then use the other side to blow dry.  Saves room in the luggage. 

I don't know why it says it costs $39 on this website, because I'm pretty sure I paid $19 or something like that at the store.  So there's probably cheaper websites out there.  I didn't really look as I just found the first one that popped up on google!  As I was searching, I also found this other Marilyn brush that is similar, but slightly different.  It looks promising too!  I may have to hunt it down some time later and give it a try.

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