Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Funday - It's a "Swiftly" Kind of Week

I was still getting over my cold earlier this week, so I took it easy with my workouts.  The last thing I wanted was to get sick again!  My test is only a week away, next week this time I shall be freeeee! So I need to stay healthy until then.  Haha.

I started Tuesday 5/24 off with yoga.  This is when I usually run for about 30 minutes before class.  But on Tuesday I skipped the run.  I didn't even wear my sneakers to the gym in case I got tempted to jump on a treadmill.  But the class actually was tough, as usual, and after not doing it for the past 2 weeks, I got really sore for like 2 days afterwards!  It's amazing that even when I would do yoga once a week, I still get sore in different places.  I wore my Lululemon No Limit tank in white, and my denim wunder unders.  I wore my Abercrombie Josey sweater as my to/from.  I thought the ruffles went well with my J Crew floral flip flops.  Hehe.

Thursday 5/26:
What I did:  On Thursday, I skipped my usual classes, and did my own workout.  I just ran a couple miles to warm up, then lifted weights at the gym.

Saturday, 5/28
What I did:  Boxing class - it was a split class, first 30 minutes of boxing, and the last 30 minutes of hardcore circuit.  During the circuit, we did intervals of running at dynamic mode on the treadmill and heavy ropes for like 5 sets.  Dynamic mode always kills me - it is a setting on some high end treadmills where instead of the treadmill moving on its own, you make it move by running as fast as you can.  You have to hold on to the front handle bars of the treadmill and really sprint so the belt would start moving.  It may sound easy, but it's so hard to keep up the pace for even 20 seconds.  It kills your legs in no time.  We did 1 minute intervals each time!  I really think I almost died after the 2nd set of this.  Oh, and my boxing teacher (imagine a super buff big black guy) kept yelling at me to run faster and not drop below a certain speed.  Heavy ropes in between the sets didn't help either. I don't know how I pulled myself through!

What I wore:  I decided to take the tags off my new Lululemon Swiftly tank in pink mist, and try it out.  It was actually great for the workout since it is such a light weight material.  I thought it performed well and didn't move around too much during the rigorous workout.  I wore my white Flow Y bra under, and my Astro crop.  I also wore the pink mist Mind Over Matter pullover as to/from.  I know, it was total pink mist overkill, but what can I say.. I couldn't resist.

Hmm sorry for the crap in the background

Color kind of got blown out here

Sunday 5/29
What I did:  Today I woke up and had plans to go to the gym, but right before driving that direction, decided to turn around and just run at this park near me.  So I ran for about 30 minutes and called it a day.  I probably ran a little over 3 miles.  The first 1.5 mile was at a really fast pace.  Then I took it a little easier towards the end.  My legs are still tired from yesterday.

What I woreLululemon Swiftly long sleeve in Haze - so this makes it the 3rd day in a row that I wore the Swiftly material!  I wore the Energy Bra underneath.  I also wore my Passion Crop in bright blue.  I wear my Passion Crop so much, I don't know what I'd do without them.  They are my favorite crops by far.  I'm so glad I have 2 pairs, and they both seem to be in good shape still.  Fingers crossed they will last a long time!

I'm pretty happy with the amount of workouts I did this week coming out of my last week of battling the stupid cold.  I'm taking next week off work to study for my test, and will be working out every morning too.  I think working out makes me study better.  Haha.  I love it when I have week days off where I can go to the gym at any time.  It is tough when you have a full time job, to squeeze time to go workout afterwards.  I always look at the gym class schedule and get jealous that I can't make any of the day time classes.  So next week will be a treat for me! 


  1. Hi...

    Just discovered your blog recently and really love it! Had a quick question for you - how do you find the Energy bra fir running? I've been tempted to get it but wasn't sure if it would be sufficiently supportive. I usually wear a sz 4 too.

    Thanks and good luck with your exam!!


  2. I was wondering what it is that you like about the passion crops, and how do you find they run with regards to sizing? Do you find they are good for running? Thanks! :)

    (good luck with your week of studying, and best of luck to you on your test!!!)

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for your wonderful posts. I love reading them! Unfortunately I am really disappointed in the lululemon bras and feel for people with big chest (like myself) they offer almost no support. I find that very disappointing considering they make such high quality clothes. I have tried every single bra in their store and the only one which offers decent support is the TaTa Tamer. Anything else in a size 10 or 34D is a joke!! It's more for fashion and of little or no use for any medium to high impact support. Any advice or suggestions on what else i can try?

    Because of this problem, I cannot use any of their tops also. Most of them have very little support.It's great for a size 4 or 6 but when it comes to 10, the support is really sad.

    Thanks and good luck for the test!

  4. Good Luck on your exam!! You will kill it!!! Enjoy your week in the gym!!

  5. SK if you want a really high support bra try the Enell (that isn't a Lululemon product).
    It's insanely great support, but the downside is that it doesn't work with any Lululemon tank because it's pretty high coverage.

  6. @Michelle: I actually really like the Energy bra for pretty much anything. It's supportive enough for me as I do not have a large chest. I find it more comfortable than my other Lulu bras as well because I think the band is slightly looser and does not dig in at all. Plus the back looks so cute! Not that anybody can see it.. haha...

    @Becky: I really like the length of the Passion crop because they hit right below the knee. Also there's a wide stretchy band on the bottom of each leg opening so it's very comfy. I generally like luxtreme bottoms for high impact activities, and they are great for running. Never slips down, and the fit is really comfortable. I find that my other running bottoms fit tighter due to the compression. But sometimes I just really don't need the compression when I'm only running for 20 minutes! So Passion crops are my fav.

    @SK: I really have no idea about other brands. Lululemon bras and tanks are supportive enough for me. I've heard of well-endowed ladies layering a bra underneath a tank with a built in bra. That would probably help. Maybe take anon's suggestions and try out the Enell?

    @momof5 and everyone else: Thanks for the well wishes! I've been taking practice tests like crazy. I really hope to pass because there is no way I want to do this again next year!

  7. Thank you for your suggestions. Will try out enell!!

  8. I love Sunday Funday! I think we have the same body type so it's great to see how it looks on you because it usually fits the same for me :)

    Good luck with the exam, it is totally worth the effort!

  9. Great to hear you feel better! Your workout sounds great. I work out in a gym but we don't have vigorous class like yours.
    For a suggestion of bras, I like my Champion bras. They are very supportive for my 34D.
    I wish I had legs like yours. I have very athletic legs with huge calves. Therefore corps in general don't look good on me. Knee length is out of question for me.

  10. Thanks anon! My gym doesn't have super rigorous classes either. I go to different privately own studios if I want a real hard workout. They are kind of a thing in LA, and have started popping up all over the places in the past couple years. They are all class based, and have small class sizes where and you can do combinations of weights and cardio in the same space, to capitalize on the idea of HIIT. Kind of like private training but cheaper. The downside is that since they are small (usually only one room), they do not have showers! So I just have to stay sweaty until I get home. Hehe.


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