Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Kindle

Happy Mother's Day!

I bought my mom a Kindle this year.  I actually kind of want it for myself, but I think I will hold out for an iPad.  The Kindles look pretty cool though - I got the white one with 3G.  There's no monthly fee for the 3G and you can use it anywhere in the world!  That's way cool.  It costs $189, only $50 more than the wifi one.  My mom is technically competent in some aspects - she text messages me all the time.  But she really isn't very good at others.  She can't even figure out how to copy/paste a link.  Lol.  So I don't want her to have to figure out how to connect to her wifi - I don't even think she knows she has wifi at home.  It's probably worth the $50 extra to get 3G for her! 

My mom lives in northern California, so I had to ship it to her earlier this week.  Amazon actually had free 2 day shipping which was great.  When she first got it, she texted me "what is it?  a reading device?"

But I think she will love it because she reads a lot!  I actually got the idea to get this for her when I was flying home from Florida, and studying on the flight with my big book.  This old man next to me had his little Kindle that he said contained hundreds of books - it's like carrying a library around!  I got major envy and decided somebody in my family should have it.  So I think that once my dear mother figures out how to use it and download books, she will love it!  The new Kindles are supposed to resemble real books so you can read in the sunlight without screen glare.  I will have to get an update from my mom on what she thinks later. 

I am kind of tempted to get one for myself, but I really think an iPad is in my future.  When iPads first came out, I didn't think I needed it, especially since I have a laptop at home and my iPhone.  But I don't think I can resist any longer!  I have been meaning to go to Apple and get a new MacBook (mine is over 3 years old, that's like ancient in computer world!), but if an iPad can do pretty much everything my laptop does, I may just get that instead and keep my laptop for things like Photoshop or whatever.  We'll see!

Anyways, I digress horribly.  I hope all the mothers out there are having a great Mother's Day weekend!  Getting pampered and loved, because you all deserve it!


  1. My friend has an iPad and has all her school textbooks on it. She loves it. I have a Sony e-reader and have a ton of books on it, I really like it. My Dad got my Mom a Kindle for Mother's Day. She reads a lot too, I think she will really like it.

  2. I considered an ipad too, but went the Kindle route, but I solely wanted a reader, I find I spend so much time on the computer as it is, and may get distracted with the ipad because it does so many other things. Plus the Kindle is super light, perfect for travelling or taking to the doctors office, or anywhere you may need to wait. Love the white kindle, super chic!

  3. Hold out for the IPad, it's the best device I have ever owned. I love it!!!

  4. Thanks for the advice! It doesn't take much convincing for me to get an iPad. Lol.


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