Thursday, April 2, 2015

Three More Vince Camuto Sweaters!

Ok I went a little bit crazy with Vince Camuto sweaters.  After being so happy with the last batch I bought, I decided to get a few more from Nordstrom!  They were all on sale, and I like that they can all double up as work outfit.

First, I got the Border Stripe V Neck sweater, which looks kind of hideous on the model (what are those bottoms they put on her?!).  But I thought it had potential to look cute if it was not oversized like how it fits the model.  It is now on sale from $99 to $44.  I actually paid $59 for it, but I just got a price adjustment.  This seems to happen to me a lot at Nordstrom.  I almost always end up getting price adjustments on every order!  So I think it literally pays to check back.

I got size XS, and it's still kind of a loose fit.  I am torn about this sweater.  First, it is thick.  I don't really like thick sweaters, especially for LA.  Second, it is high/low style and since the material is heavy, the back kind of pulls the sweater backwards which makes the front even shorter.  I'm afraid I may have to keep adjusting it throughout the day if I were to wear it.  I do like the design though!

If you look closely, there are these decorative open stitch design on the bottom and the sides:

I think I'm going to sit on it and think about it for a while.

The next sweater I got is the Two by Vince Camuto Honeycomb Stitch V Neck sweater, and it is only $31 now, down from $79.  I also just got a price adjustment for it since I paid $46 when I ordered.  I thought the pop of color on this sweater was fun, and I really like the fit!

Again, I don't think these model pics do this sweater justice:

This sweater is thinner than the one above.  I also got it in XS, and I think the fit is perfect.  It's quite roomy, and super comfortable.  I'm happy it's not another high/low style, which I'm not a super fan of.

Here are some close ups of the pop of color on the collar and bottom:

I can definitely wear this sweater a lot.  It's actually pretty sporty looking too.  Maybe I can even wear it to and from the gym!

Lastly, I got this Vince Camuto Argyle Eyelash Fringe sweater from Hautelook/Nordstrom Rack.  It's kind of funny that it's sold at the "discount" store, and yet its price is $44 which is just about the same as the first sweater above, which is from the regular Nordstrom store.  I guess the discount store is not really that much discounted after all.

I thought this sweater looked cute on the model.  I like that the sleeves have those big open mesh and is a different color than the rest of the sweater.  I also got it in size XS and same as the other two, it is a rather large fit.

I didn't realize how "fuzzy" this sweater was going to be!  I'm not sure if I can get over that.  Otherwise, I do like the fit and the design.  I just feel like a big fuzz ball in it.

So I think this one is getting returned, even though it's kind of cute still.

I think I'm going to stop buying sweaters now!  Lol.  It's been super hot here, and will only be getting hotter in the next many months.  I don't know why I'm stocking up on sweaters and scarves.  But at least these sweaters were all on sale for pretty decent prices!  I can definitely still wear them during cooler nights here, and also at my office which is always cold.  


  1. I really love that second sweater on you! But how do those sweaters look SO LONG on those models!? Confusing.

    1. Yeah I don't know. I think they are wearing 2 sizes too big lol. I'm only 5'5.. I'd assume that's at least a few inches shorter than the models.


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