Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Splits59 Dallas Hooded Run Top & Serena W Embroidered Mesh Tank

I ordered 2 items from Splits59's summer sale yesterday, which both arrived today!  They ship out from LA area so I always get them the next day, which is great.  But hey, for $12 shipping within the same town (I didn't order enough to qualify for free shipping), they better ship fast.  I am happy (sort of) with one and not so happy with the other, but there are no returns on sale items, so I'm stuck with them anyways.

So first let's go with the one I like - the Dallas Hooded Run Top LT in Gray/Blaze/Aquatic:

So I think a lot of the items for sale now are actually old stock/colors from 1+ years ago.  I remember seeing them back then.  I guess they are just clearing out inventory, which makes sense.  I just didn't think they still had them.  This top is now on sale for $43, down from $86.  I think it's a pretty good price for it.  But how come it doesn't have the blue patch on the side like the model picture shows???  The one I got is solid gray all over the body except for the blue hem.  Ugh!  I think that makes the hoodie more unique looking.

On a more positive note, it's made of the same silky buttery material as their tanks and Olivia Run top that I got recently, which just feels so nice.  And the fit is really nice - I got it in size XS.  Kind of took a gamble on that, but I have other things from Splits59 and I do find that they run on the large side.  As you can see on the pics below, the XS is still quite loose on me:

I like that this top is a hoodie style but you can also use it as a run top.  It has thumb holes.  But I will be wearing it as to/from, or just as a casual piece.  I like that the bottom hem is a different color than the rest of the hoodie, and it is actually made of mesh:

The back hood is pretty cute too with the yellow inner hood being semi-see-through.  They also have this hoodie on sale right now in this gorgeous deep burgandy color with nude hood - twilight/nude, which I debated getting as well, but ended up getting the one I got because I just like the color blocking, which apparently is not as pictured though!!  Had I known that, I probably would have gone with the twilight one instead!  Now I just don't want to shell out another $12 shipping for another $43 hoodie.  That is 28% of the price!!

The next item I got which I'm not so happy with is the Serena W Embroidered Mesh Tank in arizona/white.  It's too bad, because I've been eyeing it forever on their website!  It was priced at $75 originally which is just too much.  Now it is on sale for $38, so I grabbed it right away.  But I have to say, when I received it today and took one look at it in person, I think $38 is even way too much for it.  If I had paid $75 for it, I would have been seriously pissed off.  It looks so cheap!  And there is no embroidery despite the description!  At least, not in this color way.  I'm so disappointed, because it looked so cute on the model:

This tank is made of tencel, with mesh on the back.  The material is not really that soft.  It's rather thin.  It just looks cheap!  That's all I can say.  It looks like a cheap nightie, I don't even want to wear it out.  Here it is on me, in size S, which is the smallest size they had in it:

Front is mehhh, but ok...

I actually think the pictures even make it look better than it is in person.  Sigh... I think I'll contact them about this one, because one thing that makes this top so cute is the embroidery on the other colors - I couldn't really see on the web photos but I figured there was probably white embroidery on the mesh part, which just gets blown out on the pictures.  The description, and title of this item, both state it should have embroidery.

Here are the other colors with clearly seen embroidery on the back, but neither of them had my size left:


Yucca/Lime Acid

Grrr... I think this is the first item I've got from Splits59 that has actually disappointed me.  Plus the fact that the hoodie is being misrepresented on their pictures, I'm really kind of upset about this.  Basically they sold me 2 items which are both not as described.  Total bait n' switch!  What the heck???


  1. Very nice sale. I hope I get my Nova and Dusty tights soon.

    I thought this Serena tank could be a good alternative to the LJ Macy tank which I want to buy but my size ran out. But I think it would not hang as nice at the back as the Macy.

    Thanks to your post, it confirmed my guess.

    1. Oh it Serena tank does not even compare to the LJ Macy tank. The honeycomb mesh material used in the Macy tank is sooooo much nicer. I am sure LJ will come out with something similar soon. I love tanks with drapy/unique looking back...

  2. I ordered dusty crops earlier this week and can't wait until they get here. Next day arrival for you is awesome!

    Its too bad about the tank. I am always hesitant to buy mesh items online because I think its too easy for them to feel cheap.

    1. I expected more from Splits59... the original price of the tank was like $75...?!? You'd think it would be awesome. No wonder it went on sale...

  3. I don't blame you for being upset about the tank! It is deceiving as the photo of the tank on their website makes it look like luxe!

    I think the running hoodie looks cute on you! I also bought one (in twilight/nude), but it doesn't look as nearly good as I am pretty flat in the chest area.

    I also ordered the Novi Capri tights but, unfortunately, for me they seemed too loose on me even though I ordered XS (i.e., my butt didn't look good)! So they got returned...

    1. Do you like the twilight/nude color in person?? More importantly, does it look the same as their product pictures online?? lol... I actually contacted their customer service and they offered to let me return both items. But I am returning the Serena tank and exchanging the Dallas hoodie for the twilight/nude color. I liked the gray only because of the diamond-shaped blue under the arms. Without that, it doesn't look nearly as nice IMO. I have a lot of grays anyway, and none in the twilight color. I hope it's nice in person, because I do like the fit of the hoodie.

      That's too bad about the Nova capris... I agree they do run large. I ordered 2 pairs, XS and S, the first time I got them, and S was way too big so I returned them. My XS ones fit like S in other brands.

    2. Oh no, the Nova runs large?...I think I saw on their website that says their sizes run smaller than other brands. I wear size 8 in luluelmon and M in LJ. So, I chose size L for my Nova. I hope they would fit.


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