Monday, September 3, 2012

Late Sunday Funday!

I know today is Monday, but since it is the long Labor Day weekend, it kind of counts as Sunday.  =)  This has been a long week for me, with lots of stuff going on.  And I was only able to work out 4 times.  One time was a tennis lesson, so that doesn't really count, which brings my count down to 3.  Kind of unacceptable.  I'd like to go at least 5 times a week!  But oh well... it is what it is.  Hopefully this coming week will be better in the workout department.

I took Monday off as rest day, and had a work event on Tuesday night so I skipped my usual tennis lesson.  I went on Wednesday night instead to make up for it.  But I've been doing so badly with tennis!  I have not had time to practice.  So it actually frustrates me every time I go to a lesson.  And then I get even worse when I'm flustered.  So yeah... gotta find a way to get more practice in.

Wednesday 8/29
What I did:  Tennis lesson.

What I wore:  It's been so hot lately, like 85 degrees at 9 pm!  I wore my Lululemon cool racerback in lavender, with my Hot Move short and as always, my Adidas adizero adios 2 shoes.

Thursday 8/30
What I did:  Went to the gym and lifted - worked on legs for like an hour and a half!  Then ran sprints at the end.  I was very happy when my legs started shaking from working so hard.  =)

I also took a photo of my work outfit since it was a little bit unusual.  I wore a simple black t-shirt, with this black tuxedo vest from Zara.  And my Express Wide Waistband Editor pants in this black/gray dotted pattern.  Basically, the thinking for this was that since it's been so hot here lately, I really just felt like wearing a t-shirt to work.  But made it look more acceptable with a vest over.  And less waitress-like since it was a black shirt instead of white.  =)

Friday 8/31
What I did:  Went to lift weights and worked on back.

On Friday I wore my $14 Forever 21 shirt dress to work, lol.  It was probably a little too short for work though.  I was in a hurry in the morning and didn't even look at myself in the mirror until I got to work. Good thing it was the Friday before a long holiday weekend!

The stupid belt broke half way through the day though!  I probably ate too much or something, because when I took a deep breath, it bursted open.  I actually had to laugh about it since I found it hilarious.  That's what you get for shopping at a cheap store I guess!  I still like this dress though.  And have many other belts I can use with it.

Saturday 9/1
What I did:  I went back to CorePower, and did a hot yoga/pilates fusion class.  Dang.... what was I thinking?!  It was so hot out already, and then I had to go workout in a hot room for an hour.  I really felt like fainting at some point.  And I was soaked from head to toe.

What I wore:  Lululemon Hot Class tank in bold blue, with Ebb & Flow crops in deep indigo.  These 2 items are by far my favorite for hot yoga!  

I actually wore my Express t-shirt over this outfit as to/from, because I went to get a mani/pedi prior to class and didn't want to wear just a workout tank.  I totally forgot I had this t-shirt, but I'm glad I found it since I like it!

And that concludes this week's workouts and outfits!  I hope that you all are enjoying your long weekend!  Mine has been very much event-filled, to say the least.  I'm ready to relax tonight and then go back to work tomorrow - for some reason 4 day work weeks always feels the longest to me!

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