Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vera Wang Lavender Black Silk Sleeveless Dress

I bought another dress - Vera Wang Lavender Black Silk Sleeveless Dress, from Ruelala.  I think this one will conclude my dress binge.  =)  I really love this dress, and the price is awesome!  It was selling for $69, when the original price is $449.  I basically bought it to try on since I was very curious, even though I have no occasion right now to wear it.  But I think it will be one of those museum pieces that looks pretty in my closet!

It's so hard to make out details of black items when using my iphone and not very good lighting in my hallway.  So these web shots should be better:

So this dress is made of crinkled shiffon silk material.  It has the rhinestoned sash that ties in the back.  I really like the asymmetrical neckline, and the upper body is corsetted so it sucks you in very well.  Though I must say, it sure is hard to zip up!  I bought this dress in a size 6, because my other Vera Wang Lavender dress is a size 4 and it is just a bit too tight in the chest.  And from wedding dress shopping, I know Vera is a mean seamstress.  But the size 6 is very tight fitting in this dress.  It basically fits like second skin on top.  The zipper does not zip up easily even when I'm not wearing it, so I had a lot of trouble putting it on!  I almost gave up and returned it.  But alas, it did happen in the end.  I'm actually pretty happy with it even though it is a little hard to breath with the corset top.

I am keeping it though.  I just can't bare to return it!  And I'm sure an occasion for it will come at some point!  Besides, I think my Cesare Paciotti Crystal pumps will go very well with this dress.  I should have worn them in my photo, but I don't know where they are right now.


  1. I bought a Vera wedding dress and it took a while to get it zipped up. I think all her dresses are like that.......but worth every penny


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