Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lululemon Run: Shorty Short

I've been wanting to get a pair of short spandex-y type of workout shorts for a while, so when I saw the Run: Shorty Short on the we made too much section, I decided to get a pair even though I had never tried them on and they are final sale.  I did read the reviews which mostly said to size up, so I ordered a size 6 in the faded dot embossed black/flash light combo.  They arrived today, and I sure am glad I sized up, because I don't think I could fit into a 4.

But with that said, I think these appear longer on me than they do on the web model below, maybe because she's probably taller than me / has longer legs.  Or just different point of view.

Anyway, so I'm actually kind of glad that they are longer than I thought.  If they were shorter, they'd probably dig into the inner thigh area and make an unpleasant looking indent.  They look look shorter from the back though - here is a close up on me (sorry for the bad pic):

I actually find these shorts very comfortable.  There is gripper at the bottom of them so they stay in place very well.  I did some running man tests and they did not move at all, like the reviews online say. I'm quite impressed with that.  The 2 large side pockets are great, I think I can play tennis with these on and fit tennis balls in the pockets.  The faded dot print is pretty subtle unless you look very up close.  I would have preferred to order the solid black version, but that one only had size 4 left.  But I don't actually mind this print.

Here are the web shots that show closer detail of them:

Kind of a bummer that these are only $10 off regular price of $54.  But when I was at the store last time I only saw them on sale in the lilac high noon dot print which I will definitely not wear.  I probably missed out on the dark colors.  Oh well!  I think I can use them enough to make them worth the price.  :)


  1. I ended up getting 3 pairs of these on mark down! I never thought I would wear tight shorts but these really are amazingly comfortable & flattering. I wear them for my long runs. Just wanted to let you know that the deep indigo ones are really nice & match everything just like black. They are still online but I found better deals in the stores ($29-39).

  2. I bought the RSS when they first came out back in the spring and was initially quite disappointed with them. I found them to be too tight fitting, especially at the waist and didn't find the silicone grips on the sides to be useful at all. However, after wearing and washing them a few times, I found they started to fit perfectly! I guess they got stretched out because they started to fit like a glove without being uncomfortable. The extra pockets were also very useful for storing more items like gels or my phone which I previously had to wear crops to store. All in all, I'd say this is one of my favourite pairs of LL shorts and can't wait for more designs to come out next year.


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