Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Funday!

I feel like this week flew by!  Can't believe it is now already Sunday afternoon.  I had a pretty busy week, and was only able to workout 4 days.  But I kind of killed myself working out this weekend, so I feel a little bit better about that.

I took Monday off to rest, so this will begin on Tuesday.

Tuesday 8/21
What I did:  Tennis lesson.  I didn't play very well and was kind of upset about it.  Also got reprimanded for missing previous week's class.  Oh well, it just wasn't my day.

I also took a picture of my work outfit from the same day, which was an Express outfit - both from years ago actually.  I am really liking this style for work nowadays, with a blouse or button down shirt tucked into a skirt and a wide belt.  

Wednesday 8/22 - Took it off to have my eyelash appointment

Thursday 8/23 - Was planning to play tennis after work, but at the last minute got talked into going to happy hour instead.  I actually had high hopes that I'd have a drink or two, then go play.  But my tennis partner knew from the beginning that that was not going to happen.  He was right.

But here is my work outfit from Thursday.  I wore my DEPT jersey dress, which I never wear since I'm not sure how I feel about the sleeves.  I might cut them off one of these days because I do like how the dress fits otherwise.

Friday 8/24
What I did:  Lifted weights.

On Friday, I wore my new dress from Nordstrom - the Tahari ASL Surplice Woven Shirt Dress.  I was happy with it for the most part, but it did get kind of wrinkly after sitting for a few hours. 

Saturday 8/25
What I did:  Boxing, and I was hitting so hard!  My instructor was really impressed with my hooks, and gave me mad props.  :D

What I wore:  I got some guts and wore an 80s inspired outfit... haha.  I wore my new heathered angel blue cool racerback that I just received, paired with my power purple embossed wunder unders that I finally took the tags off!  I would have gone with crazier shoes but I decided to tone that part down a little and wore my white New Balance Minimus Road shoes.

I actually carried my boxing gear in my angel blue Jump Start gym bag.  Got lots of compliments on this outfit at the gym, but I'm not sure if they were genuine or they thought I looked crazy and felt like they had to say something!  Hahaha.


Sunday 8/26
What I did:  I got up bright and early today to go to my interval training class.  I did so many runs and weights.  My arms were already kind of tired and sore from boxing yesterday, so the 100+ pushups and pushup/side plank combos were not fun to do.  

What I wore:  Lululemon swiftly tank in pow pink, with pow pink Free To Be bra under.  I really love this bra, but I'm afraid of bleeding so I pair it with the same colored tank - so sad.  But I am madly in love with my pow pink swiftly tank so that's ok.  I wore my Power Vinyasa Crops with it.

And that's it for this week!  I am super tired right now and in need of a nap.  Maybe I need to go to bed at like 7 pm tonight!  Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


  1. I like your saturday workout outfit!!! It's good to see some color at the gym.

  2. I like your angel blue / power purple outfit! I just got that CRB & was almost going to return it cuz the material was so thin that I felt self-conscious abouy wearing it, but I love the color so much I'm gonna keep it. I also got the angel blue No Limit tank & can't decide if I can justify keeping it. I guess I have 2 weeks to decide ... You look great in all your outfits!

  3. Silly question, how do you make sure the shirt does not bunch up under the skirt? I love the button down shirt with skirt combo, but my shirt never stays straight and bunches up to create weird creases under the skirt, ruining the lines of the pencil skirt. Is there a trick I dont know about?


    1. Hmm I've never had this problem. Only thing I can think of is that my skirts are rather thick and shirts are usually very thin. So maybe that makes a difference. None of my shirts are very long either so there's not much room for them to bunch up...

  4. I love your outfits of: Thursday 8/23 and Saturday 8/25. I would like to make the boxing but I'm afraid to take shots. it is as violent sport?

  5. I hope lulu brings back the Hot Class Tank. So cute!

  6. Your all outfits are nice.but gym out fit is really cool.


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