Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tahari A.S.L. Multi Colorblock Belted Dress

My most recent dress came from Ruelala, the Tahari A.S.L. Multi Colorblock Belted Dress. Ruelala was selling it for $59 but I also saw it at Nordstrom marked down to $85 from $129. I would have loved to order it in size 4 but they were sold out so I had to settle for 6. It is a little bit, not too bad on top but the bottom is loose. But it is not as bad if I put my hands in the pocket. Otherwise the bottom bells out a bit too much.

I really like this dress though. I love the color combo on top of red and tan. And the belt is actually very cute and removable as well. It's a great style for work. I can also throw on a jackets or some kind of long sleeve over it if I need to. So I'm pretty happy with it. Just might need to get it taken in a little around the hips so I don't always have to put my hands in the pockets. I do love these pockets though! They are huge and I can put my phone and wallet in them and no one can even tell lol.

This dress is made of cotton and spandex and doesn't really wrinkle which is a plus if you are going to be wearing it while sitting at work all day. I think this high waisted style is flattering on most body types as well since it elongates your legs and slims the waistline. I need more dress this style!

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